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Reagan vs. PATCO

Twenty-five years ago today, air traffic controllers were brought down to earth.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

No contract in Detroit, public speech rules in GRPS, new charter in Ypsi. … more

Takings Abuse

The Supreme Court's Kelo ruling energized efforts to protect property.  … more

Emissions Creep

The Supreme Court should deny efforts to regulate carbon dioxide. … more

For the Children?

Politics and social issues permeate the NEA and AFT's annual meetings. … more

Out of the Woods?

Russ Harding assesses the future of Michigan's state parks. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Ironwood insurance, high school MEAP scores down, districts save. … more


The Stop Overspending plan would require the state to live within its means.  … more

Run Dry

Public competition with private enterprise ends up damaging both. … more

Gas Gauge

Comparatively, gas prices may not be as bad as they seem.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Battle Creek cuts energy costs, NEA spending, Ferris State MESSA problems … more

Rudder Contempt

If politicians lack core principles, how can they steer the ship of state?  … more

Water Quality

Despite alarmists' claims, the Great Lakes are in pretty good health. … more

Bad Medicine?

"Romney Care" is likely to create more insurance ailments than remedies.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

State spending increases, MEA employee pleads guilty, TC election change. … more

Migratory Patterns

Growing numbers of Michiganians are seeking opportunity elsewhere. … more

Double Bogey

Government golf competes with private courses and detracts from core duties. … more

An Army of One

A former public school teacher offers Lansing students school choice. … more

Regulatory End Run

Regulatory agencies' "guidance directives" harm Michigan's economy. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Felons in schools, Black River construction, DPS misspending. … more

Lessons from Bangalore

A depressed city — like Detroit — found growth in tax cuts and deregulation. … more

No Trivial Pursuit

The pursuit of happiness is unalienable. State efforts to secure happiness are not. … more

Government Neutrality?

The Internet is relatively unregulated. Will Congress violate net neutrality? … more

Michigan Education Digest

Muskegon picks jobs over MESSA, incentive pay, Detroit pay and graduation. … more

Non-Union Card

Religious objections led teacher Chris Card to resign his MEA membership. … more

Money for Nothing?

Michigan has doubled education spending since 1970. Where are the results? … more

Family Court

Justice Maura Corrigan addresses the impact of family litigation. … more

A Convenient Deception?

"An Inconvenient Truth" emits global warming hype, not science. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Robotics winners, MESSA changes, MEA opposes Granholm on parent notification. … more

Split Decision

A divided Supreme Court failed to navigate a federal wetlands solution. … more

Free Rein

For too long, state bureaucracies have operated without accountability. … more

Regulation Proliferation

Jack McHugh examines more initiative-killing government regulations. … more

Suffocation by Regulation

Michigan's economic growth is smothering under a blanket of regulations. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Higher per-pupil state funding, family of valedictorians, election questions. … more

Technical Improvements

Technology should be used to make our public schools more efficient. … more

Lighten the Load

Job creation will suffer until Michigan's tax and regulatory burdens are eased.  … more

A Total Disconnect

MEA staff earn significantly more than the teachers they represent. … more

Strategic Choices

Not every school choice option necessarily advances the cause. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Charter school growth, college enrollment numbers, NAEP science scores. … more

The Father of Economics

Adam Smith showed the world that prosperity results from free enterprise. … more

Genuine Relief

A truly caring government would stay out of the disaster relief business. … more

Field of Dreams

Some people have a vision for restoring Tiger Stadium. Will the city play ball? … more

Pondering Lives and Liberty

U.S. servicemen pay the ultimate price for more than just security. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Bee on TV, Godwin Heights hires non-union teacher, Gull Lake contract talks. … more

Multiple Choice

Parents are taking advantage of growing educational options for their kids.  … more

Character Matters

Lawrence W. Reed illustrates the link between liberty and personal character. … more

MEGA Hurts

MEGA's favored business tax credits are unconstitutional, costly and ineffective. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Holland budget projection error, DPS retreats, year-round calendar. … more

Sinking Feeling

A bill to expand public school sinking funds doesn’t hold water.  … more

Secret Ballot?

Why do school board elections take place when no one is paying attention? … more

Fiscal Trainer

Lou Schimmel helps one Michigan city improve its financial well-being. … more

Municipal Manager

Louis Schimmel, famed city finance expert, joins the Mackinac Center staff. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Brighton parents respond to 'sick-out,' Hartland saving $5M with privatization. … more

Animating Principals

Detroit's school board must instill in its educators a spirit of choice and success. … more

Collegiate Competition

Vying for students is better than lobbying for dollars. … more

State of the Great Lakes

The water quality of the Great Lakes State's greatest assets is on the rise. … more

Mandating Mediocrity

Averaging enrollment figures would tell parents their choices don't matter. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Privatization saves money, new Detroit charter school, Muskegon write-ins lose. … more

Moving Pictures

Lawrence W. Reed highlights movies that actually celebrate free-market values. … more

Union Monitor

A new organization is dedicated to monitoring labor officials' activities.  … more


Michigan policymakers fiddle while our economy burns.  … more

No Fair

"Fair Share" health care stifles growth and could cost workers their coverage. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Holton drops MESSA, charters do well on MEAP, strike talk in Holland. … more

Stolen Elections?

Do employers illegally thwart unionization or is there more to the story? … more

Spending Spree

A profligate government threatens our prosperity and liberty. … more

Vote Smart

School elections impact your child's education. What should inform your vote? … more

Gaining Ground

The Mackinac Center is fighting to protect property rights on several fronts. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Reeths-Puffer cost cutting, teacher background checks, tuition tax credits. … more

College Try

School district allows at-risk high school students to earn college credit.  … more

MEGA-Hit List

Companies have told the state why it's uncompetitive. Are our officials listening? … more

Earth Tone

Don't mope all day on Earth Day. In Michigan, there is even room to celebrate. … more

Something To Fear

Misguided national policies prolonged and intensified the Great Depression. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Insurance instead of jobs, high school trimesters, teachers take pay freeze. … more

Hooked on Mandates

The nanny state tramples individual initiative. … more

Around the State

A digest of privatization initiatives and news from across Michigan. … more

A Losing Proposition

Under Lansing's system of picking job "winners," we all lose. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Saginaw staff layoffs, CMU saves without MESSA, Detroit teachers protest. … more

Artistic License

Art doesn't require government subsidies or approval. … more

Impact Assessment

Two state senators ask the DEQ to improve its practices PDQ. … more

A Million Thanks

Lon Morey's strong support of freedom deserves wide recognition. … more

Michigan Education Digest

High school recruitment, independent schools grow, censured union president. … more

A Magnificent Exposition

Booker T. Washington's words on progress remain true today. … more

Learning Environment

The state house wants recycling to become one of the three "Rs."  … more

Business Success

How to end the Single Business Tax without really noticing. … more

Run to Daylight

Private initiative mapped the gameplan we use as we "spring forward." … more

Artless Behavior

It's wrong to take one's money to subsidize the art preferences of another. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Absent Detroit teachers, Ironwood fact finding, "federated" schools. … more

Credits Fraud?

Lansing's graduation requirements fail to make the grade. … more

Pain Management

Medical Savings Accounts can alleviate suffering caused by health care costs. … more

Breaking the Bank

The expense of public school employees' health care is draining district coffers. … more

Shirt Tale

Ironwood students borrow from teachers' playbook to make their voices heard. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Graduation requirements, teacher layoffs, savings on busing, school safety. … more

Lemon Aid

Michigan offers millions in incentives to companies that turn out to be job losers. … more

Lake Views

Diane Katz testifies on Great Lakes policy before a U.S. Senate committee. … more

Victory Speech

We celebrate the 2nd anniversary of an important win for free speech. … more

Minimum Logic

A minimum wage increase is an ineffective strategy for fighting poverty. … more

Michigan Education Digest

MEAP results, Lakeview privatization, Ann Arbor school construction. … more

Bohemian Subsidy

Lansing policymakers treat taxpayers as involuntary art patrons. … more

Minimum Wage,
Maximum Damage

Raising the minimum wage leads to job losses, not pay increases. … more

Supreme Justice

Chief Justice Melville Fuller brought order to the Supreme Court. … more

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