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25 CCs of Adrenaline — 2005

For your reading pleasure, here are the top 25 Current Comments of 2005.  … more

New Territory

As governor of the Michigan Territory, Lewis Cass defined leadership. … more

Budget Buster?

Mandatory public school funding increases set a dangerous precedent. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Michigan teachers paid above average, graduation requirements. … more

No Strings Attached

"Categorical" grants allow Lansing to meddle in local education decisions.  … more

Biased Assertion?

Mackinac Center research is based on experience and evidence, not bias. … more

Home Schooling in Detroit

Two Detroit moms, with little in common, share home schooling success. … more

When in the Course ...

LeAnn K. Hadley recounts a decade of human events at the Mackinac Center. … more

Michigan Education Digest

MEA lawsuit dismissed, Detroit school shootings, all-charter district. … more

Feudal Endeavor?

Extending the cable franchise system to new technologies is medieval thinking. … more

Required Reading

If the state can't evaluate one graduation requirement, do we really need more? … more

Winds of Freedom

Hope and opportunity emerge from the ruins of Hurricane Katrina. … more

Pension Headache

Thomas W. Washburne offers a remedy for corporate pension ailments. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Health insurance bills, teacher fingerprinting, NCLB lawsuit dismissed. … more

Education Overhaul

Education reform will come about when there's a true marketplace of options. … more

Army of Compassion

Michigan can learn from the Salvation Army's 140-year success story. … more

Renaissance or Relapse?

A litany of big, flashy projects has failed to bring about Detroit's revival.  … more

Water, Water Everywhere

Overly broad federal "wetlands" regulations erode our property rights. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Urban schools study, increased state funding, DPS enrollment falls. … more

Free Africa

African thinkers say the continent needs free markets, not Western aid.  … more

Taking Issue

Regulatory takings rarely involve compensation. It's time to insist they do. … more

Fiscal Fitness Center

Michael D. LaFaive thanks the Morey Foundation for its contribution to freedom. … more

Standard Error

State-mandated graduation requirements fail to make the grade. … more

Gravy Train

Amtrak should be privatized, not propped up with federal and state tax dollars. … more

By Degrees

Jack McHugh debunks the premise that more college degrees equals more jobs. … more

Around the State

A digest of privatization initiatives and news from across Michigan. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Teacher insurance, free college, four-day school week, lockdown legislation. … more

Booking Privatization

The state should stop subsidizing local public libraries. … more

Say Oui to Michigan?

Is Michigan becoming the economic equivalent of France? … more

Forensic Medicine

Our Debate Workshop speakers explain how we're improving future public policy. … more

Economic Malpractice

Ivory tower, tax-and-spend economists hamper Michigan's recovery. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Saving money, merit pay, achievement gap, union embezzlement. … more

Revitalizing Detroit

There are five steps Detroit officials must take to halt the city's financial decline.  … more

Fuel Economy

Attracting a new oil refinery to Michigan could create jobs, lower fuel prices. … more

Honoring Lon Morey

Lon Morey's generosity and vision show him to be a shepherd of freedom. … more

Crisis Management

Louis Schimmel recounts four years as Hamtramck's "emergency manager." … more

Michigan Education Digest

Union health insurance, GRPS won't sell to charter, DPS election. … more

Trigger Happy

Michigan's economy would benefit from tax relief without revenue "triggers." … more

Wage War

Battle Creek's proposed "living wage" would harm those it intends to help. … more

Time Warp

Lawrence W. Reed honors those who produced timely order out of clock chaos. … more

Taking Liberties

Patrick J. Wright assesses eminent domain takings on Michigan talk radio. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Charter school union vote, SOS Holland, Nation's Report Card results. … more

Moving Experience

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a 100-year-old Michigan success story. … more

Risky Business

The Legislature's economic growth plan risks taxpayer money and won't work.  … more

Organ Failure

Public policies regarding organ donations cost lives. But there is an alternative. … more

Credit Due

New York state legislators champion innovative education tax credit plans. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Charter school ban, Holland contract talks, GRESPA lawsuit.  … more

Freedom Rings

Diane S. Katz encourages legislators to set the telecom market free. … more

State of the State

Michael LaFaive discusses the current economic problems facing Michigan. … more

Insuring Disaster

The political manipulation of insurance costs is an accident waiting to happen. … more

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