Features and Highlights

25 CCs of Adrenaline

Get year-end energy from 25 Current Comments that charged up our Web site.  … more

Underground Wine Sellers?

Michigan should end laws discriminating against out-of-state wineries.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

$1.3 billion tax credit savings, Detroit school audit, year-round schools. … more

School Break

A Mackinac Center survey suggests schools get good services for less with privatization.  … more

Historically Correct

A great new book sets the record straight on American history. … more

Fixed Liability

From tariffs to outsourcing barriers, government price-fixing burdens the poor. … more

Grand Juries

Private courts and jurors offer expertise and efficiency. … more

Michigan Education Digest

High school MEAP; state budget shift; competing for charters. … more

The Changing UAW

The auto workers union is adapting to a competitive market. … more

School Dance

America's 170-year waltz with school reform will drag on forever without school choice. … more

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