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How Much "Should" Gas Cost?

Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm's crusade against gas stations that raised their prices after Sept. 11 is the wrong solution in search of a nonexistent problem. … more

How to Save Detroit

Former Indianopolis Mayor and current Bush advisor Stephen Goldsmith has some advice for financially troubled cities like Detroit in this Michigan Privatization Report article from 1998. … more

War, Freedom, and Government

Find out how U.S. soldiers overcame the bureaucratic bungling of a Michigan native to win the Spanish-American War in this classic Mackinac Center Viewpoint… more

Profit Motives and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on how free markets help to deliver the bounty. A Happy Thanksgiving to you from the staff of the Mackinac Center! … more

Gasoline and "Gouging"

Is Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm right to pursue charges of "price gouging" against gas stations that raised prices in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks? … more

Charity and Society

Mackinac Center President Lawrence Reed analyzes what it means when entrepreneurs are admonished to "give something back to society." … more

Managing Public School Debt

The Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan has "one of the highest public school debts in the country." Three years ago, a Mackinac Center scholar recommended responsible borrowing practices for schools. … more

Four Principles and a Challenge

Mackinac Center President Lawrence Reed challenges State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Watkins to embrace fundamental reforms in public education at a recent charter school conference. … more

Tocqueville's Warning

Inspirational remarks about the role of state-based think tanks as champions of the free society. Remarks from the 9th annual State Policy Network meeting, held Oct. 6 in Boulder, Colo. … more

School Choice--in Michigan and Beyond

Should Oklahoma expand school choice for its students? Sooner State legislators ask Mackinac Center Director of Education Policy Matthew Brouillette for the facts. … more

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