Features and Highlights

Peak Performance

The top Current Comments of 2007, as selected by you. … more

Movie Review

A look at a film that gets it right. … more

Mine Over Matter

The DEQ made the right decision on new mining permits. … more

The Basic Staples

A review of a CD about freedom by Mavis Staples. … more

Hungry for Change

Food service privatization in public schools can and does work. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Charter enrollment, Brighton strike talks, win an iPod. … more

Michigan Diaspora

Without transformational policy changes, Michigan will continue to lose jobs and population.  … more

Labor Pains

An interview with Paul Kersey about Michigan's labor climate. … more

Got Rights?

December 15 marks the anniversary of the Bill of Rights. … more

Trust Fund?

Michigan deserves better oversight of DNR monies. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Education philanthropy, special ed certification, win an iPod. … more

Charter Changes

Grand Rapids parents search for high school options. … more

Welcome Aboard

Center agrees with Gov. Granholm on the need for reforms. … more

Creative Contracting

Schools save money in a variety of ways. … more

Mighty Mac Attack

A look at the engineering of the Mackinac Bridge as it turns 50. … more

Michigan Education Digest

High school AYP, Hazel Park recall, Belding contract. … more

Volunteers Needed

Voluntary unionism is good for workers and unions. … more


The Mackinac Center's High School Debate Workshop celebrates 20 years. … more

Remember the Titans

Two women lead the charge for inner-city school choice. … more

The Truth About Truth

One woman's lifelong pursuit of liberty. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Charter lawsuit, at-risk program expanding, win an iPod. … more

Correction Notice

Jack McHugh responds to an attack on the Mackinac Center. … more

Michigan Science

Diane Katz discusses the newest issue of the Center's science and policy journal. … more

Universal Coverage

Education tax credits enjoy bipartisan support and can help all families. … more

Pilgrim's Profit

The true meaning of Thanksgiving. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS student loss, Muskegon international school, win an iPod. … more

Life Support

Tax hikes put Michigan's fiscal health in critical condition. … more

Election Connection

Do union contributions influence school board elections? … more

Swing Shift

How to move the labor pendulum in the proper direction. … more

Deer Season

A look at the state of deer hunting in Michigan on opening day. … more

Crisis Averted or Invented?

Michigan's budget is $900 million higher than last year. … more

Graceful Performance

A movie about the end of the British slave trade is now on DVD. … more

Farm Aid

One family's struggle to keep a life-long dream. … more

Job Safety

The NLRB has put more protections in place for employees. … more

Life-giving Water

Michigan should not surrender its rights in the Great Lakes to other states. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Dropout dispute, school attendance, win an iPod. … more

Show of Support

A lesson on free speech and the right to privacy. … more

Michigan Privatization Digest

Detroit shops around for incinerator savings, Judge attempts to privatize Friend of the Court, Pontiac receives bids for Silverdome  … more

Crying Wolf

Jack McHugh discusses the 2008 budget and why spending hikes belie a "crisis." … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS restructuring, Holton contract, Huron raises. … more

Department of Natural Reforms

Structural reforms would make fee hikes for the DNR unnecessary. … more

Remembering Nub

Michael D. LaFaive on Norval K. Morey. … more

Mad Money

Michigan taxpayers have nearly 1.4 billion reasons to be upset over taxes.  … more

Educational Foundations

Michigan's public schools are seeking voluntary bases of support. … more

Grinding Gears

Regulations against used car dealers harm businesses, customers. … more

Michigan Education Digest

GR prep academy, high charter enrollment, win an iPod. … more

Teaching Teachers

A rating system for colleges of education doesn't make the grade. … more

Overspending Crisis

Jack McHugh discusses 55 budget cuts that could offset major tax hike. … more

Championing Capitalism

Syndicated columnist DeRoy Murdock discusses the benefits of capitalism. … more

Pondering Pre-K

Studies show no long-term gains from early childhood programs. … more

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