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Hopes for 2003

Ideas for a better Michigan and nation from the staff of the Mackinac Center … more

Curtailing Carnage at the Traffic Light: Are Cameras the Answer?

A pilot program by AAA Michigan and the City of Detroit demonstrates a sound alternative. … more

Keep Politics Out of Mutual Funds

Unions want to force mutual funds to vote on public policy measures involving wages, layoffs, and other issues that advance union politics. … more

Unintended Consequences of Cigarette Tax Hikes

Michael LaFaive's speech today in Washington explains that terrorists can profit from unwise tax policy. … more

Henry Ford's Reinvention and the Implications for Public Education

Government schools can learn what Michigan's most famous entrepreneur learned 75 years ago this month. … more

Federal Law Allows School Choice Options

Michigan is slow to enact them. … more

Union Contract Keeps Money & Teachers Out of the Classroom and in the Bureaucracy

Rigid union rules keep Detroit Public Schools from doing the right thing for kids. … more

Six Habits of Fiscally Responsible School Districts

New study will help schools marshall scarce resources for better education. Register for Wednesday forum. … more

A Green Light for Choice

Opportunities and cautions regarding the Supreme Court's decision upholding vouchers. … more

Friend of the Court Not So Friendly

Is there a private alternative when government fails to collect child support payments? … more

The Forgotten Robber Barons

Does government produce "robber barons?" … more

A Toxic Thanksgiving Menu?

Don't let health scaremongers or a few naturally occurring toxins spoil your celebration. … more

Engler's Education Legacy

Proposal A, public school choice, district takeovers, voucher opposition, and at least $6,700 in per-child funding. … more

From Crystal Palace to White Elephant in 150 Years

Britain's "Millenium Dome" flop is a sad symbol of the decline of the industrial "workshop of the world." … more

Grand Rapids Schools Opt out of School Board Associations

Huge, cash-strapped district bases decision more on principle than the $17,000 it will save. … more

Control Shifts in Nation's Highest Labor Tribunal

Worker rights are in good hands with new chairman from Michigan. … more

Scandals Bilk Public School Students out of Millions of Dollars

The same districts say they need more tax money. … more

Engler's Impact on State Government

Has Gov. Engler altered the balance of power between the executive and legislative branches? … more

Why Tax Credits Are Better than Vouchers

Senior Fellow Andrew Coulson writes for The Independent Review. (pdf file) … more

Schoolhouse of Hope

This private school is so good, public school union members donate their union dues to help. … more

Privatize MacMullen Conference Center

Does the state need its own multi-million-dollar lakeside conference hideaway? … more

If the Food Doesn't Kill You, the Wait Will

Everything in Canadian health care is political -- even the food. [PDF file] … more

Labor Freedom Makes Moral and Economic Sense

If compulsory union dues were put to a moral test, they would flunk. … more

Ann Arbor & Pontiac May Privatize Garbage Pickup

Pontiac's current system runs million-dollar deficits. … more

Special-Interest Ballot Proposals a Threat to Democracy

In yesterday's election, two special interests sought to grab for themselves massive streams of public dollars. … more

The Message of the Non-Voter

Is higher turnout needed to "make democracy work?" … more

Where There's Smoke, Is There Asthma?

Michigan counties show no correlation between particulate concentration and childhood asthma. … more

An Inspiration for All Time

Some of the world’s greatest accomplishments required perseverance against seemingly insurmountable odds. … more

Michigan Not a Big Supporter of National Teacher Certification

The state is wise not to expend resources on national certification as a way to improve teaching. … more

No Business in Snow Business

Should taxpayers be forced to pay for an Upper-Peninsula ski resort? … more

Government Unions Want Binding Arbitration

The reason: Fear they won't be able to compete with private bidders. … more

Should the State Borrow Money for Environmental Projects?

Before deciding on Proposal 2, voters should examine how $675 million approved in 1998 is being spent now. … more

The DNR's Latest Land Grab

The DNR says private land enjoyed by the public must be brought under state control to be … enjoyed by the public. … more

Public Policy & Public Interest Litigation

Policy research and public interest law have more in common than meets the eye. … more

Incentives and Trash Collection

Should residents pay the same amount no matter how much trash they generate? … more

The Value of Asking Questions

One parent's experience with her child's school. … more

Detroit Mayor Won't Watch the Grass Grow

He calls a private contractor instead. … more

Marketplace or Morality Play?

The market rewards good behavior, and punishes bad, more effectively than the state. … more

Regulatory Wrangling Stifles Telecom Competition

Should Ameritech be subject to bureaucratic scrutiny or market discipline? … more

Newest Nobel Laureate Calls for Privatizing Government Land

Michigan's government owns 12% of the state's land. Can officials learn from modern economic research? … more

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