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U.S. 'Worse Than Greece'

David Littmann says the debt compromise just made things worse for the economy. Click for audio… more

Eye of the Beholder

Government has no place funding art. … more

Day Care Unionization Scheme Ends; More Reform Necessary

State Supreme Court declares issue "moot," but home health care workers still affected. … more

Preying Upon the Most Vulnerable

"Union dues" skimmed from Medicaid checks for disabled individuals' aides. … more

E for Effort?

Despite recent reforms, schools still ignore teacher effectiveness when setting pay. … more

Just the Facts

Facts and figures on Michigan's public-sector employees. … more

State Supreme Court Fails to Fix Disastrous FOIA Ruling

The Legislature should act swiftly to restore the intent behind Michigan’s public disclosure law, Center attorney says. … more

Taxpayers No Longer Prevailed Upon

Repeal of prevailing wage law will save money on state construction projects. … more

New Online Database of High School ‘Context and Performance’

Data for 678 schools range from ACT and MME scores to percentage of students qualifying for school lunch subsidies. … more

Are Unions an End in Themselves?

New rules make it harder for businesses to respond to both employee concerns and unionization efforts. … more

300 Sheets to the Wind

Archaic and convoluted distribution laws hurt local craft brewers… more

Gaming the System

Federal subsidies for video games? … more

Veteran Lansing Reporter Joins Capitol Confidential

"Highly regarded" MIRS reporter and analyst, Jack Spencer, will cover Capitol beat. … more

Center Study Compares School District Finances by Locale

New report breaks down revenues and operational spending for Michigan's urban, suburban, town and rural districts. … more

Beyond the Classroom

A Michigan school district pioneers a virtual learning software. … more

Center Files Brief in Pivotal Wetland Case

Proof of criminal intent should remain necessary in prosecutions for most crimes. … more

Center, MPA File in Key FOIA Case

School district’s FOIA denial on illegal strikes suggests court ruling may hide improper activities. … more

Tax Takes Toll on Michigan

Find out what's wrong with the Michigan business tax.

 … more

Victory for Home-Based Day Care Providers

No more illegal "union dues" to be taken from checks to day care owners. … more

Center Budget Testimony

Michael LaFaive and Ken Braun testify before Michigan legislators on Feb. 9. … more

Mackinac Center App

Download our free app to get the latest articles, videos and photos from the Mackinac Center. … more

News Release: 2011 State of the State Tally

Gov. Snyder's first SOS included nine expansions and three limitations of government. … more

The EPA's War on Energy

Environmental attorney Peter Glaser discusses the EPA's assault on fossil fuels. … more

In the Trenches

Gary Wolfram refutes a study claiming Michigan public employees are being paid less than their private-sector counterparts. … more

School Myth Video #3

Read more about this and other myths. … more

News Release: State Supreme Court Lets Awful FOIA Ruling Stand

"The court’s failure to respond cripples the state Freedom of Information Act," says Mackinac Center lawyer.  … more

Missed Votes Tally

Legislators missed 7,100 votes in 2009-2010 session. … more

High Cigarette Taxes Lead to Smuggling

Updated study points out correlation between excise taxes and smuggling, theft and violent crimes. … more

Center Suing Kent-Area School Districts, Unions

Suit seeks to purge illegal “no-privatization” contract language. … more

Full Court Press

Legal Foundation appeals day care unionization case to the Michigan Supreme Court. … more

A World of Questions

GlobalWatt MEGA deal investigated. … more

Free Advice

L. Brooks Patterson on what Michigan's next governor should do. … more

State Pension Plans Exceed Private Sector

New study examines disparity between public- and private-sector benefits.  … more

Unity Studios: Unhappy Ending

The glitter of Hollywood has left Allen Park taxpayers with overpriced real estate.  … more

Appeals Court Dismisses Day Care Union Case

Forced unionization case dismissed without explanation a fourth time. … more

Virtual Learning

Experts discuss the benefits and future of online learning. … more

School Privatization up 8 Percent

Almost half of Michigan public school districts now contract out for one of three main noninstructional services.  … more

Flight Fight

New flight restrictions ground local pilots. … more

Plagiarism in MSU's School Consolidation Report?

A study published by Michigan State University’s Education Policy Center appears to contain plagiarized material. … more

The Foundation Allowance Myth

Watch the video, and read more about school funding myths. … more

Granholm Admits Role in Day Care Unionization

The governor boasted in 2008 about the forced unionization. … more

The Class Size Myth

The latest in an ongoing series on school funding myths.

 … more

Knockout Punch

Michigan Education Association "punching bag" ads fail a Truth-o-Meter… more

The Overton Window

Our newly designed page explains the late Joe Overton's model of how ideas shape politics. … more

A Tale of Two Counties

Public-sector collective bargaining makes the difference. … more

Will It Fly?

Journalists keep probing the Hangar42 Studios subsidy deal. … more

'Lay Off!'

The MEDC wants critics to stop pointing out its failures. … more

News Release: State Ducks Central Question in Day Care Case

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation replies to the DHS' meager brief. … more

What Michigan Gets Right

State laws that work.  … more

News Release: Overturn Ruling That 'Guts' FOIA

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation and the Michigan Press Association file a joint amicus brief. … more

Power Pellets!

Who wins funding battles among school employee groups? … more

Cap-and-Trade and Michigan's Economy

Watch the video from Margo Thorning's presentation. … more

The Plot Thickens

The latest on the day care union scheme: revealing e-mails, a web of connections and a zombie agency.

 … more


The emerging picture on the day care unionization scheme may include Lt. Gov. John Cherry. … more

And Cut!

Since the enactment of the film incentive, Michigan movie employment has dropped nearly 10 percent.

 … more

A Taxing Calculation

Don't add to Michigan's already growing tax burden. … more

Peaceably to Assemble

Sights and sounds of the April 15 Tea Party protest at the state Capitol. (2:04) … more

Ken Braun on WMKT Radio

In this April 15 interview, the editor of the Mackinac Center's Michigan Capitol Confidential discusses how to effect policy change. Click the arrow. Time: 5:17.
 … more

Borrowing Trouble

HB 5963 would punish fiscally responsible school districts. … more

Sherry Loar on WJR Radio

A plaintiff in the Mackinac Center's lawsuit tells her story in this compelling interview. Click the arrow. Time: 10:10.
 … more

Nobody's Servant

Public employees make more than private-sector workers. … more

More Schools Post Spending

Kent County districts, others, report checkbooks now online. … more

Control Pitcher

School districts could use a Little League coach's advice. … more

Legislature Zeroes Budget, MHBCCC Somehow Lingers

State executive agencies fail to respond to queries concerning the source of the MHBCCC's funding. … more

Center's Michael LaFaive Decries Governor's Tax Hike Proposals

The total proposed spending for next year is $2.1 billion higher than in the current fiscal year’s budget. … more

'This Is Shocking'

Rush Limbaugh discusses day care story. … more

News Release: Michael Moore's Anti-Greed Film Subsidized by Taxpayers

Moore now benefits from a program he once seemed to criticize. … more

News Release: Court Decision Undermines FOIA

Court of Appeals ruling regarding e-mails decreases transparency.  … more

The Overton Window

An explanation of the influential idea developed by late Mackinac Center Vice President Joseph Overton and popularized by Fox News' Glenn Beck. … more

News Release: Insurance Data Online

Health insurance data for school employees now available. … more

News Release: MSP Misses FOIA Deadlines

The Michigan State Police has missed the legal deadlines on two FOIA requests from the Center about how public monies are spent.  … more

The Overton Window

An explanation of the influential idea developed by late Mackinac Center Vice President Joseph Overton and popularized by Fox News' Glenn Beck. … more

101 Recommendations to
Revitalize Michigan

A compendium of policy ideas. … more

Eight Is a Start

Gov. Granholm and the Mackinac Center agree on eight state budget reforms. Now what about the Legislature? … more

Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling

High cigarette taxes can be hazardous to public health.  … more

Leveling the Playing Field

Charter schools can remain union-free. … more

Lock Step

Pay steps for teachers should be reconsidered.  … more

Playing Favorites

Targeted tax breaks and subsidies have not helped Michigan.  … more

Solid Foundation

Center Legal Foundation sues DHS over forced unionization.  … more

Fit to Print?

Lawrence W. Reed looks at media bias.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Brighton insurance, property values down. … more

Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Sues DHS

The Mackinac Center announces the launch of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation with the filing of Loar v. DHS, a case involving the bogus unionization of home-based day care providers. … more

Who Cares?

Do bureaucrats really care about your health?  … more

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Faulty data can lead to false assumptions.  … more

Run for the Border

Problems with Canada's single-payer health care deserve attention.  … more

Perils of PERA

Government employee collective bargaining is failing Michigan.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

Drivers stay on, AYP growth, MESSA dispute. … more

School Privatization 2009

More schools are turning to privatization to save money.  … more

News Release: School Privatization Up 5.4 Percent

The Center’s 2009 public school privatization survey shows that 44.6 percent of districts privatize for one of the three main support services — custodial, food or transportation — a 5.4 percent increase over last year.  … more

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