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The GOP Politicians Who Voted Against Ending Film Subsidies

Those voting for more tax credits explain why

… eliminate the state s film subsidy program. The … refundable tax credits. The Legislature reconstituted … nearly $500 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies … vote. Michigan s film subsidies date back … more

Plot to Kill Film Credits Begins to Look Plausible

… chance that Michigan s film subsidy program will … Development Corporation) credits and the budget. … the refundable tax credit deals the previous … something like the film credits would be something … more

Michigan May Send Film Credits to the Cutting Room Floor

Bill looks to end subsidies, $500 million and no job gains later

… originally appropriated for film production subsidies … Katie Carey said the film credit program has been a … investigation of all the tax credits, you'd find … more

Hohman on Film Incentives

Price tag of $500 million for no industry growth

… ineffectiveness of Michigan s film incentive program. The House Tax Policy committee continues … that would repeal the film incentive program. The … $500 million on the film subsidies and is authorized … more

Cost to Replace Lost Jobs with Michigan Film Subsidies: $39.4 Billion

… estimates that Michigan film production tax breaks and subsidies … "The nature of the credit and the resulting activity … During that year the film incentives' net cost … more

Hey! Is that Brad Pitt in the Frozen Food Aisle?

Almost every argument in favor of film subsidies is wrong

… state's subsidies to film producers . ForTheRecord … legislators hate the film credit because they think they … $500 million state taxpayer dollars to film … are about to kill the film industry in this state, … more

Cap the Film Incentives and Kill the Film Industry in Michigan? Not Yet

Film Industry Supporters Crying Wolf Over Governor's Plans for Film Subsidies

… Free Press column , film industry proponent and … $10 million in film credits. According … away. No successful tax-incentive state has … refundable, unlimited film incentives, you might … more

Michigan Chamber CEO Blasts Film Subsidies as a 'Boondoggle'

Bill extends film subsidies indefinitely

… extend Michigan s film incentive subsidy program … $26,551,106 in film credits were claimed from the … that the millions of taxpayer dollars spent on … Rich Studley blasted film subsidies during withering … more

Five Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad Idea

Politicians help Big Hollywood soak taxpayers for few benefits, much harm

… of expenditures for film, television, music video, … nearly half of the film credits left Michigan and had … should not be spending taxpayer money on this private … debated Michigan's film subsidy program on … more