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Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Redirecting Film Subsidies to Roads

66 Percent Surveyed Support Reprioritizing $50 Million Film Subsidy for Road Improvements

… $50 million annual film subsidy to fixing the … costly and ineffective film subsidy is not creating … Michigan s $50 million film subsidy should be continued … value expenditure (film subsidies) into a higher … more
Film Jobs in Michigan

Film Tax Credits Don’t Grow the Economy

… state s newly minted film tax credit program, … Corporation reported that film incentives created zero … actually has fewer film-related jobs than it … Michigan is not alone. Film tax credits, more commonly … more

Michigan Film Incentives ‘All But Dead’

But if the MEDC wants them, it can keep them

… eliminate Michigan s film incentive program from … well as Michigan s film office. The bills need … the governor. Film subsidies are widely … selectively funding films, however. But while … more

Mackinac Expert Talks Film Incentives on NPR

No full-time jobs were created as a result of this corporate welfare

… had the most generous film incentive program in … Considered to discuss state film incentives. He said … producers who come in, film and then leave and then, … next time they make a film, Skorup said. He … more

The More Information Voters Have the Less They Support Film Subsidies

Majority of respondents want film money to go to roads

… subject of Michigan s film incentive program. This … has about Michigan s film incentive program the … question support for the film subsidy drops. The poll … opinion: A. Michigan s film industry jobs are worth … more

Lone Democrat Votes Against Party Line on Film Subsidies

… House voted to repeal a film producer subsidy program … says: Since 2008 the film subsidy program has … direct cash subsidies to film producers, entirely … more

Films or Potholes?

Cost of film subsidy program would repair over 5 million potholes

… million for the state's film subsidy program. Previously, … they should end the film program and use the … are pledging toward films for the upcoming fiscal … a lot of reasons , film subsidies are one of … more

Cap the Film Incentives and Kill the Film Industry in Michigan? Not Yet

Film Industry Supporters Crying Wolf Over Governor's Plans for Film Subsidies

… Free Press column , film industry proponent and … refundable, unlimited film incentives, you might … effectively chases films away. No successful … wants to be the last film in, then find out the … more

Michigan Chamber CEO Blasts Film Subsidies as a 'Boondoggle'

Bill extends film subsidies indefinitely

… extend Michigan s film incentive subsidy program … Rich Studley blasted film subsidies during withering … taxpayer dollars spent on film subsidies would be better … roads. If the Michigan film subsidies were a movie … more

MCPP Experts Take Down Film Program in MLive

… business of subsidizing film production companies. Skorup … create a sustainable film industry in Michigan. … Statistics, there are fewer film jobs in Michigan today … report from the Michigan Film Office. Over the … more