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… . 16 Paul Pringle, SEIU Official Steps aside … Scrutinizes L.A. Local of SEIU, Los Angeles Times , … . 18 Paul Pringle, SEIU Alleges Misuse of Funds, … Former Leader of SEIU Local Is Indicted, … more

Detailed Reporting of Receipts and Disbursements in the LM-2

… to spend. The SEIU, one of the nation s … reported: An SEIU spokeswoman says the … year, reveals that SEIU was the top spender … more

SEIU Affiliate’s Revenue Cut in Half After 'Dues Skim' Ended

SEIU Healthcare Michigan dues collection went from $11.3 million to $5.4 million

… exploitation ended. SEIU Healthcare Michigan … the mid-2000s when SEIU moved to grab a share … Jennifer Granholm, SEIU was allowed to carry … union's coffers. SEIU Healthcare Michigan's … more

Labor Union Caught in Dues Skim Fails to File Annual Report with Federal Government

SEIU Healthcare Michigan reported losing 80 percent of its members after dues skim ended

Last year when SEIU Healthcare Michigan … Department of Labor. For SEIU Healthcare Michigan, … in violation. SEIU Healthcare Michigan s … $34 million to the SEIU. In 2014 the union … more

Two Wins for Freedom from Union Coercion in 2014

The end of the dues skim and the busting of the 'August Window'

… became known as the SEIU dues skim . It was … unionization and the SEIU maneuvering to keep … millions of dollars SEIU was taking from home-based … the dues skim. The SEIU went to court to keep … more

Top 25 of 2014

Our most popular offerings of the year

… Proposal 1 SEIU Membership Drops 80 … Misled Members SEIU Allowed to Keep Millions … more