Michigan School District Categorical Grant Report

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DescriptionDetroit City School District, 2006-7Per PupilLansing Public School District, 2006-7Per Pupil
Pupil Count [1]118,393.931.0015,561.371.00
Adult Education Participants4,534,689.7038.30321,090.3620.63
Annual Audit Deduct0.000.00  
At Risk60,463,246.65510.706,046,519.57388.56
Bilingual Education740,318.356.2558,219.013.74
Court Placed Children  105,425.276.77
Declining Enrollment8,195,325.2169.22356,065.8822.88
District Total884,233,283.867,468.57103,957,807.446,680.50
First Robotics12,000.000.10  
Health/Science Middle College400,000.003.38  
Math and Science110,878.000.94  
Mich School Readiness15,523,200.00131.111,442,100.0092.67
Middle School Math1,331,163.9311.24172,302.0511.07
Nonplaintiff Durant Settlement5,930,443.3050.09693,902.7544.59
Renaissance Zone5,371,977.0245.3741,894.282.69
School Lunch1,972,293.7516.66261,835.6516.83
Spec Ed Headlee Obligation84,820,577.01716.438,020,622.68515.42
Voc. Ed. Administration12,000.000.105,435.000.35
Vocational Education1,472,860.8912.44150,831.339.69


This report presents categorical grant data for Michigan public school districts as reported by the Michigan Department of Education in the annual National Public Education Finance Survey.

Learn more about this report in A Michigan School Money Primer.


  • A district may receive only some types of categorical grants.

  • Only categorical grants received by at least one district are included in a particular report.

  • [1] The pupil count is the State Aid Member from the State's taxable value data.

  • The grant amounts reported by the State vary slightly from month to month. For example, 2006-7 is represented by the June 2007 data.