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Senate Bill 752, Ban “stealth conventions” by minor political parties: Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate

To require minor political parties to notify the Secretary of State of any upcoming county or state convention to nominate candidates. This would prohibit schemes like the “stealth convention” and candidate nominations organized by a fake “Tea Party” political party in 2010.

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Senate Bill 750, Authorize criminal penalties for extreme campaign finance scofflaws: Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate
To authorize criminal penalties for candidates and campaign treasurers who fail to file mandated campaign finance reports more than two years late. Contributions and other assets of the campaign committee would be subject to state seizure. These sanctions would only apply to campaign committees with balances of more than $20,000.

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House Bill 5085, Ban government sending payroll PAC money to union: Passed 26 to 12 in the Senate
To prohibit the state, school districts and local governments from deducting money from an employee’s paycheck and contributing it to a union Political Action Committee (PAC). Government payroll systems could still be used to extract union dues and fees from employee paychecks and deliver them to the union.

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Senate Bill 754, Regulate “third-party voter registration organizations”: Passed 26 to 12 in the Senate
To require “third-party voter registration organizations” to register with the state, turn in late registrations within 24 hours, provide their “voter registration agents” with state approved instruction in proper procedures, and require their agents to sign a statement affirming receipt of this instruction. This measure was introduced in response to widespread reports of alleged vote fraud committed by the ACORN organization's voter registration arm. The bill would also require a person to show a photo identification when registering to vote.

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Senate Bill 803, Require voters to affirm citizenship: Passed 30 to 8 in the Senate
To require voters to affirm that they are a U.S. citizen when voting or applying for an absentee ballot.

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Senate Bill 602, Ban certain window blinds in child care centers: Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate
To ban window blinds or other window coverings in child care centers if they have pull cords or inner cords capable of forming a loop and posing a risk of strangulation to a young child.

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Senate Bill 603, Ban sale of certain window blinds: Passed 34 to 4 in the Senate
To prohibit the sale of window blinds that do not include cleats, hardware, and instructions for installation in a way that lets cords be secured, and a warning about the danger of accidental hanging or strangulation from a window blind cord that is not secured.

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House Bill 4601, Limit certain asbestos liability: Passed 62 to 46 in the House
To limit the liability of a company that had acquired another company which may have produced or sold asbestos in the past. The bill would prohibit a court from imposing asbestos damage judgments that exceed the value of the acquired company. Under current law a court can order damages up to the value of the entire enterprise, even if the acquired subsidiary represents only a small part of the overall firm's value.

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