For those of you not familiar with the acronym in the title, MDFER stands for Michigan Democrats for Education Reform. We welcome them to Michigan with their new director, Harrison Blackmond. Mr. Blackmond previously served as the president for Detroit's chapter of the Black Alliance for Education Options and has been a contributor to Michigan Education Report, published by the Mackinac Center.

Democrats for Education Reform has a strong track record of supporting various school choice programs around the country. While many politicians, especially on DFER's side of aisle, succumb to the pressure of public education's special interest groups and defend the status quo, DFER recognizes the need for change and supports innovative solutions that have been shown to help kids.

We support their efforts to help provide more parents with the ability to choose the school they believe is best for their children, and we look forward to seeing the Michigan branch of this organization work to bring more educational opportunities and better educational outcomes to our state.

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