In the Detroit Free Press recently, two opposing views about Proposal 4 — the home-based caregivers constitutional amendment — were published, but only one was factually correct. 

The article opposing the union power grab was written by Robert and Patricia Haynes and laid out the position they have been forced into. The article in support of the proposal is from Dohn Hoyle, who is Prop 4 spokesman and executive director of The Arc Michigan (and last seen calling Robert Haynes an "idiot"). Hoyle's column is wrong on every single point raised.

Let's go through the points made by Hoyle:

"Proposal 4 ensures seniors and people with disabilities can direct their own care while remaining independent, safe and healthy in their own homes."

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Already happening with the Home Help Program and nobody wants to stop this.

"It will help our loved ones who receive care in their own homes as an alternative to nursing homes."

Already happening and nobody wants to stop this.

"Importantly, Proposal 4 will ensure that those looking for care have access to a registry of home care workers who have undergone criminal background checks, an important safeguard to prevent neglect and abuse."

Already happening and nobody wants to stop this. Here is information about the registry.

"Proposal 4 will establish the Michigan Quality Home Care Council, which would oversee a registry that links home care recipients with prescreened home care providers in their area."

Already happening and nobody wants to stop this. Here it is online under a slightly different name.

"Home care providers on the registry will be required to undergo strict criminal background checks to ensure safety for seniors and people with disabilities."

Already happening and nobody wants to change this. Most of the disabled don’t use the registry because at least 75 percent use family members or friends as caregivers.

The rest of the article reiterates the above points, platitudes or faux outrage.

So, every single thing Hoyle mentioned is already happening. But there is one important thing missing from Hoyle's column — the words "union" and "SEIU."

Since every reported dime to gather signatures and run this campaign are paid for by the Service Employees International Union, one wonders why it is not mentioned.

Proposal 4 is a power grab almost completely funded by a single entity trying to ensure the forced unionization it orchestrated that takes $6 million a year from the disabled and elderly in Michigan continues.

For $6 million a year and more than $32 million to date, a few million to force through a constitutional amendment isn't bad a bad return on investment — if the SEIU wins.


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