(Editor’s note: Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of famed economist Milton Friedman. The Mackinac Center will celebrate with blog posts commemorating his impact on free-market ideology and his educational choice.)

Mackinac Center interns today commemorated the life and work of Dr. Milton Friedman at “100 Years of Milton Friedman,” a luncheon and forum co-sponsored by the Center at Northwood University.

Mackinac Center Interns

From left to right: Christina Bolema, Stephanie Kreuz, Wesley Reynolds, Victoria Hechtman, Shelli Cammenga, Kristiana Mork, Kahryn Rombach, Evan Burgess, Josiah Kollmeyer and Nathan Steiner. Back right: Henry Payne, editorial cartoonist for The Detroit News and columnist for The Michigan View, who spoke at the event.

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