Green energy subsidies and mandates invariably join corporations and government in an unholy alliance as companies seek to gain financially from government largesse. Of course, these so called public–private partnerships are designed to pick winners and losers with taxpayers footing the bills. It is necessary for government funds to keep flowing to the chosen companies so that the next generation of taxpayers can be convinced of the importance of the green cause.

According to a report at, Dow Corning Corp. has teamed up with the Earth Day Network and other groups to develop a curriculum for middle schoolers extolling the virtues of solar energy. The lessons include:

  • Solar energy introduction and overview
  • How solar panels work
  • Solar panels – a life story
  • Solar power and me: The inherent advantages

Dow Corning should add the following lessons:

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  • The high cost of solar energy
  • The environmental impacts from large solar energy projects taking up huge tracts of land
  • Why most solar energy panels are being manufactured in China

One can only imagine the outrage from the media if other lesson plans were produced to “educate” our children on the importance of various consumer products. Firearms and SUVs come to mind.

School districts that are struggling to educate students in the basic skills of English, math and science should reject the obvious attempt of companies to indoctrinate young minds about the importance of their products, especially when those products rely on government mandates and subsidies. Crony capitalism in all of its forms is a serious threat to a free people.


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