The Detroit News and other media outlets have reported on the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation’s appeal Wednesday of the day care unionization case to the Michigan Supreme Court. After two rejections from the Court of Appeals (one prompted by a unanimous Michigan Supreme Court order for the lower court to explain itself), the Legal Foundation hopes the Supreme Court will hear the case to end the forced unionization of day care providers.

NBC25 reports:

Sherry Loar-Trudell [one of the MCLF’s clients in the case] says enough is enough.  She's the owner of Baby Steps, a home-based day care. Loar-Trudell has been on the front-line in a battle against the state since it automatically enrolled her in a union against her will.  The union takes money out of her pay for taking care of children from low-income families.

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“This is my home, I open the door and share it with people, I didn't open it and share it with all these different union and Government entities,” said Loar-Trudell.

The Livingston Daily quotes Legal Foundation Director Patrick Wright explaining why the case needs to be heard:

“My clients are not public employees,” Wright said. “If a court is going to hold that they are, the governmental defendants actually need to present that argument and a court needs to explain how private business owners can become unionized public employees.”

Other news organizations covering the story are WPBN-WTOM TV 7&4, MDN, and the Associated Press, whose syndicated article was picked up on mlive, WWTV/WWUP-TV 9&10 News, WLIO-TV in Lima, OH., and WTOL11 in Toledo, OH.


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