As America moves closer to a government-controlled health care system, anxious Canadians want to set the record straight about life under their country's "universal" system.

Join the Mackinac Center as it journeys across Canada, documenting harrowing stories from real Canadians of long waits, physician shortages, doctor lotteries, special treatment for insiders and being forced to travel abroad for basic medical care.

They're desperate for a way out. And they want YOU to know about it.

Introduction: "Oh. Canada?" - Meet the Canadians who have a warning for us (2:26):

"Medical Tourism" - Hear from Canadians so desperate for treatment they're leaving the country (5:00):

"Wait List Insurance" - See what happens when Canadians try to demand better service from their system (3:23):

"Doctor Lotteries" - Find out what Canadians need to do just to get a family physician (3:02):

"Breaking the Doctors" - Discover how rationing and shortages impose impossible burdens on Canadian doctors (2:26):

"Power Plays" - See how unions, politicians and bureaucrats take away choices from doctors and patients (2:38):


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When their health care system fails them, many Canadians come to the U.S. for treatment. Each video leaves Americans with one simple question: If America adopts the same kind of system, where will you go?


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