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Michigan’s School Aid Budget Soars Again

Eyes now on districts charged with spending record sums

… came to fruition: Michigan’s school aid budget not only reached … dollars to Michigan public schools. In adopting House Bill 4411 … both approved the 2021-22 school aid budget and set aside the … than a third of this year’s school revenue comes from Washington. … the state treasury, K-12 spending is slated to increase by …

School Funding Looks Unequal If Major Revenue Sources Not Counted

And one of those sources helped solve major school spending disparities

… passing a $17.13 billion K-12 school budget this week, many news … closes a funding gap across school districts. The term “funding … on the fact that different school districts have received different … one of several ways public schools get revenue. This omission … source of numerous claims that school districts in poor Michigan …

Michigan Schools Never Had More To Spend; MSU Prof Calls State Dead Last In Funding

Carefully selected date ranges paint a false picture

… to make a case why public schools needed more money, most recently … collects and delivers for public schools each year. He is instead measuring … But in 2021 Michigan public schools are getting record levels … review of Michigan public school revenues from that time forward … K-12 schools are getting and spending additional $1.8 billion in …

Center-Left Interest Group's Whopper On Michigan Teacher Retirement Benefits

Most private sector workers only dream of such security

… center-left group that promotes spending more on public schools claimed in recent report that Michigan’s public school teachers get “poor or no retirement … belief that Michigan public schools have a hard time retaining … retirement offerings.” Public school teachers in Michigan receive …

State Lawmakers Need to Get Better Outcomes With Newfound Federal Cash

It’s less obvious than it should be in the political process

… under constant pressure to spend more, and they often falsely … state government alone, with schools and local governments waiting … at least $2 billion more to spend than last year, an 8.2% increase. … They also should be able to spend restricted federal money to … There is going to be more school funding, as usual. That’s …

These Parents And Children Looking For Alternatives After Virtual Instruction Failed Them

Schools’ poor pandemic performance has changed their relationship with parents and the public

… corrected. Ann Arbor Public Schools has said it will be open for in-school instruction for the 2021-22 school year. Dexter Public Schools is a schools-of-choice district … her kids, with the eldest spending a few weeks on a waiting …

Governor Overshoots Demand for State-Funded Pre-K

How many more families want into the Great Start program?

… dramatic hike in preschool spending. But the budget request far … Gretchen Whitmer proposed spending an extra $405 million over … estimate. It’s not clear how spending hundreds of millions more … federal funds has put more spending options on the table. Still, … how much more tax money to spend on pre-K sidesteps a more fundamental …

“It was an idea whose time had come in West Virginia”

Garrett Ballengee of the Cardinal Institute on the Nation’s Largest School Choice Program

… some students in religious schools, elitist enclaves, and a handful … assigned public district schools based on where they lived. … students in nearby public school systems, millions of students attend charter schools, and many states even offer … wanted from that kind of spending. So Ballengee and his colleagues …

Michigan Democrats Propose Mass Spending for Government-Run Broadband Networks

That’s not the best way to encourage internet connections

… networks are near the top of the wish list for many cities, counties and schools. There is certainly a need for better high-speed internet in parts of the … lesson that should have been learned after that federal 2009 stimulus spending bill was that public entities are not set up to compete with the private …

A Lawyer You Can Love

Mackinac Center’s vice president for legal affairs, Patrick Wright, protects freedom by suing the government

… seven places before I got to high school and settled in Traverse City,” Wright … University, where he graduated from the law school with honors. After a clerkship with … Wright enjoys playing sports and spending time with his family. His wife, Bobbi, … and his sons are students in high school.