Photo of Nolan Chappell

Nolan Chappell

High school co-op

Nolan Chappell is a high school co-op with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. He is a senior at Dow High School in Midland, MI.

Photo of Dan Crane

Dan Crane

University of Michigan Law School

… University of Michigan Law School. Prof. Crane graduated from … University of Chicago Law School. He previously taught at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law of Yeshiva University, …

Photo of Prof. Harry Hutchison

Prof. Harry Hutchison

George Mason University School of Law

… at George Mason University School of Law, where he teaches employment … Wayne State University Law School, the University of Detroit Mercy Law School, the University of San Diego …

Photo of Bradley A. Smith

Bradley A. Smith

Capital University Law School

… Professor of Law at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio, where he taught Election … and his J.D., cum laude from Harvard Law School.

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Make Sure Michigan Residents Benefit from State’s Cash Haul

They’re the ones paying for it

… recommendation to avoid a rush to spend. The principles we recommended then … point, and a little more in annual spending can ensure that roads get a better … year. They should be careful about spending the available cash on other infrastructure, … in return. All the people managing schools, local governments, hospitals and …

Mackinac in the Media

… slow-walk freedom-of-information requests.” As more school districts announced that they would start the 2020-21 school year virtually, some families wanted to use other … necessary by new legislation in Lansing that would spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Rather …

How The Pandemic Exposed The Need For School Choice

… desperate students out of failing schools by dismantling a constitutional … challenges associated with COVID schooling. The pandemic disrupted school routines, caused many students … disrespected their values. One school year marred by disruptions … state-funded flexible education spending accounts for families of …

Don’t Look Back, Ohio

… parent-directed education spending accounts. But a citizen petition … students. Those attending public schools could apply for funds to pay … things like tutoring, after-school activities, educational therapies … to attend either a private school or a public school that charges for out-of-district …

Gov. Whitmer’s Veto Denies Students Opportunity

Education bills would have given families greater access to education options

… supports giving parents flexible spending options to support their … kids first. When our public schools refused to open their doors, … Families should have options in schooling so that our children have … never held hostage by local school officials again!” The Mackinac … funds to pay for private schooling. The Bagos family is one …

Washington Post 'Parents Have No Rights' Op-Ed Author Got Michigan School Stories Wrong Too

'Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids school curriculum. They don’t.'

… should be taught in public schools has a history of erroneous … right to shape their kids school curriculum. They don’t.” … blame Michigan Republicans for school budget cuts. Berkshire said … voter blacklash against GOP spending cuts to school spending and the growth of school …

Detroit Schools Rolling In Dough

One of nation’s worst urban school districts gets 88% imore to spend than four years ago

The Detroit Public Schools Community District has 88% more to spend this year compared to four … windfall, however, Detroit school spending was among the highest … state. The Detroit public school district had $1.28 billion … of 50,875. By the 2020-21 school year, this was down to 49,001. …

Don’t Look Back, Ohio

New Michigan legislation could close education opportunity gap

… parent-directed education spending accounts available to more … students. Those attending public schools could apply for funds to pay … things like tutoring, after-school activities, educational therapies … to attend either a private school or a public school that charges for out-of-district …

DeWitt Schools Imposes Extreme Facemask Mandate On Young Children

‘Pull mask down, take a bite, pull mask up, repeat’

DeWitt Public Schools sent a letter to parents signed by principals of K-5 schools, advising how their children … instructed to eat snacks at school while wearing a face mask. … mask breaks throughout the school day. This one mitigation strategy … required of unmasked children who spend 15 minutes or more during a …

Michigan’s Budget Was Strong Throughout the Pandemic

… expected a 12% loss in the state’s General and School Aid funds for the first year of the pandemic and … better than expected. Lawmakers trimmed state spending from $34.4 billion to $33.0 billion, a 3.8% decrease, … thing; lawmakers should make it a priority not to spend every dollar that comes in. It saves money for …