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Michigan Has Low Gas Tax — Except When It Doesn’t

Advocate for increased spending on roads understates tax burden Michiganders bear for road construction

… Detroit News. Michigan’s gas tax is the lowest in the Midwest, … help businesses comply with tax requirements. The tax provides … call for an increase in the gas tax, but his claim that Michigan … Michigan in fact collects more gas taxes than most other Midwestern … gasoline in addition to the gas excise tax, according to the …

Center Analyst Discusses Gas Tax

… Conley Show" on WILS AM1320 in Lansing, where he discussed a legislative pack of bills that could force motorists in Michigan to pay the highest gas taxes in the nation.

Michigan’s May Tax Proposal

Proposal 1 would raise taxes $2 billion

… 1 would increase the sales tax from 6 to 7 percent, raise the fuel tax and increase vehicle registration taxes, among other things. It will … hike the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit. Overall, the proposal … purposes by increasing the gas tax and vehicle registration fees. …

Don’t Be Fooled by Gas Tax Kabuki

Whitmer's woolgathering about federal gas tax doesn’t help Michigan residents

… residents pay $4.25 per gallon for gas. “We need to do all we can … support of suspending federal gas taxes. Whitmer and four other … 18.4-cent federal gasoline tax on hold through December. “As … by suspending the federal gas tax until the end of the year,” … Legislature to suspend the gas taxes Michigan itself levies. (With …

Center Analyst Discusses Gas Taxes

… a guest today on "The Vic McCarty Show" on WMKT AM1270 in Charlevoix, discussing how proposed legislation could saddle Michigan with the highest gas tax in the nation.

House Road Plan Is Solid

A way to fix roads without raising gas taxes

… below that does not raise taxes. The state Senate earlier took … opposite approach, hiking taxes by $1 billion. Now the two … funding a road package through a tax increase, the House could demand … roads without imposing new taxes or fees on Michigan families. (Editor's … simultaneously converting the gas and sales taxes into a wholesale …

Lehman, LaFaive in Wall Street Journal

How Democrats won on minimum wage, gas tax

… Journal about Michigan’s GOP-controlled Legislature and how it caved to Democrats on raising the minimum wage in exchange for support in raising the gas tax. They summarize the Democratic victory by saying “the team that plays offense is the one that puts points on the board” and wondered “What would …

Voters have Diminished Clout in Lame Duck

How much, if any, will gas taxes increase?

… be hiking the state’s fuel tax and registration fees. Others, … would double the state’s fuel tax. In past years the fact that … leadership tried to pass the fuel tax hike in June. Attempting this … that they would vote for the tax hike after the election was … portion of taxes drivers pay for gas goes to the School Aid Fund …

Fund roads through fees on miles driven, not gallons of gas purchased

Mileage-based user fees finish first in new study

… ing the state from the fuel tax to mileage-based user fees would … solve the problem of relying on gas and diesel taxes, according to a new study. … states bring in through gas taxes. That’s according to Michigan’s … its roads—the per-gallon gas tax—is heading for a fall,” Poole …

November 14, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Big gas tax hike, property forfeitures and more

House Bill 5477, Increase gas tax: Passed 23 to 14 in the Senate … current 19 cents per gallon gas tax and 15 cents diesel tax with a 9.5 percent wholesale fuel tax, gradually increasing to 15.5 … phased-in this would represent a tax hike of around $1.0 billion …