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Gov. Whitmer Falsely Claims Corporate Handouts Helped Develop the Pfizer Vaccine

Corporate welfare programs are ineffective

… millions of tax dollars to select corporations, Gov. Whitmer falsely said at a … vaccine work to justify unrelated corporate welfare,” said Michael LaFaive, senior … uncommon for politicians pushing corporate handouts to engage in aggrandizing … allows a state board to select major corporate projects to receive special tax …

Center Research Cited in Daily Caller

Corporate welfare continues to grow

… Policy James Hohman, is featured in a story by The Daily Caller about corporate welfare. You can read more about the Center’s work on corporate welfare here.

Proposed Legislation Would Have Workers Pay Their Bosses

Politicians should learn from previous corporate welfare blunders

… Their latest gambit is a corporate handout bill that would allow corporations — mostly very large multinational … Economic Growth Authority corporate welfare program. Scholarly research … taxpayer subsidy programs for corporations to be ineffective and expensive. … sold as a way to lure a big corporate location from outside the …

Giving Taxpayer Dollars to Some Corporations A Lucrative Business For These Nonprofits

The MEDC, the state’s corporate welfare agency, has local partners

… is transitioning from corporate welfare to CEO welfare,” Nakagiri said, referring … taxpayer dollars to fund corporate welfare. Government should not … particular developers and corporations. This entity received … Michigan Economic Development Corporation, collects $287,000 annually. …

Cut Corporate Welfare to Help Balance State Budget

Tenuous relationship between corporate welfare and economic health

… is to eliminate the state’s corporate welfare programs and supporting bureaucracy. … the Michigan Economic Development Corporation controls. Cutting this would not … flow directly to the state’s corporate-welfare bureaucracy. The MEDC takes … should start with eliminating corporate welfare spending.

Governor’s Budget Proposal Revisits Pure Michigan, Other Industry Welfare

There is no need to raise corporate welfare spending

… Lake State. The latter is a corporate handout program that gives … lifting spending for a corporate welfare line item cut deeply … taxpayer subsidies given to corporations there was a corresponding … some 600 jobs in which the corporation was located. You may read … is no need to raise corporate welfare spending in the state. …

Tilt from Tax Cutting to Corporate Welfare Renews Failed Approach to Economic Growth

Lawmakers face a number of corporate welfare proposals

… 2000 and 2010: more corporate welfare. If there was any evidence … scaled back the pace of corporate giveaways, eventually ended … last recession. But corporate welfare is always an attraction … session could see a corporate welfare blowout. To protect … details. Lansing’s corporate welfare backsliding may be gaining …

Return of the Mega Subsidy

Corporate welfare still demonstrably ineffective

… the state’s Michigan Economic Growth Authority corporate handout program, many Lansing politicians are … tax “capture” program that allows a lucky few corporations chosen by state bureaucrats to enjoy special … equal to all the money generated by the state’s corporate income tax payers. MEGA is not the state’s only …

Mackinac Center Stands Behind Interstate Compact

New legislation to eliminate corporate welfare would be beneficial

… Disarmament: A State Compact to End Corporate Welfare.” States should compete with … long been a proponent of ending corporate welfare programs. In 2019, the Center … Disarmament: A State Compact to End Corporate Welfare.” The study examined the problems with corporate welfare and proposed a state compact. …