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Global Warmist Media Thought Police

The claim that 97 percent of scientists believe climate change is a threat is false

… with an extraterrestrial, the questioner could hardly display greater scorn. Quickly the interviewer adds that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has cited a survey of peer-reviewed literature by climate scientists showing that 97 percent of them consider man-made global warming to be both …

'Big Oil' and Climate Change

Debunking an urban myth

… the belief in man-made climate change. This idea only makes … the theory of man-made climate change. In reality, the oil industry … cash in on the man-made climate change dogma. Funding available … argument that man-made climate change is bunk (if there is any … efforts to dispute man-made climate change, the politics surrounding …

Climate Change Happens; Now What?

Climate change happens; now what?” How would you respond to … on policy solutions to climate change and whether the private … “stemming the damage of climate change.” I pointed out that … phrase, “the damage of climate change” undefined. Without a … understanding of whether climate change is an existential threat …

Don’t Confuse Cold Weather Snap for Climate Change

Swings in temperatures have always happened in Michigan

… Gov. Whitmer claimed that climate change-induced extreme temperature … – and a reminder that climate change and extreme weather are … National Climate Assessment - Climate Change Indicators - U.S. Heat … absolutely proves that climate change-induced extreme weather … Climate Assessment's “Climate Change Indicators” page contained …

The Real Story Behind the Feds Pursuing 'Climate Change Deniers'

Conservative media exaggerate Attorney General investigation

… taking legal action against “climate change deniers.” The stories focused … Department of Justice has gone after climate change skeptics. According to Lynch’s … professors who are labeled as “climate change deniers” could not be penalized … investigation of the potential for climate change,” Jeffers said in an email. “They …

Federal Park Staffers Defy Presidential Order, Tweet Climate Change Warnings

More CO2 in the atmosphere 'than at any time in the last 650,000 years,' said park's Twitter feed

… blackout on social media by using the park’s Twitter account to tweet climate change facts. After President Donald Trump issued a ban on social media use … deleted. The incident caused a new flare-up in the ongoing debate over climate change policy. While they get less mainstream media coverage, some climate …

Blizzard Hits East Coast But Climate Change Not Blamed

A noteworthy departure from media orthodoxy

… at least three hours. Readers expecting to see the words “man-made climate change” or “global warming” were in for a surprise. They never appeared in … orthodoxy. It did not label the East Coast blizzard a product of man-made climate change. These days, that’s worth noticing.

Michael Moore: Trump Rule Change Means Human Extinction

Who sends the press release if humans are extinct?

President Donald Trump signed an executive order to nullify many of former President Barack Obama’s climate change regulations. That sparked outrage from one famous Michigan resident, filmmaker Michael Moore of Flint.   ForTheRecord says: More than a few social media wags have wondered: If human …

Exploring the Political Climate of Climate Change

"Average" and "normal" are not synonymous

… voters believe in man-made climate change but also how much they … possible. Even man-made climate change advocates don’t dispute … who believe in man-made climate change and those who don’t?  … of science. Man-made climate change dogma has been built on … those who promote man-made climate change dogma. It is the use of …

State Attorneys General Wage War on Political Dissent

NY AG: Use 'creative ways' to silence opponents

… While these nonprofits and climate change dissenters are the current … officials intend to pursue climate change policies not through legislation … litigation targeted at climate change “deniers,” borrowing the … Corp. over its views on climate change. Harris was recently … testimonies skeptical of various climate change policies. The subpoena …