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Michigan Government Salaries Database

As part of our efforts on government transparency, we obtained data on the compensation of most public employees in the state. This information has been used to fact check claims about salaries, verify data from other open records requests, and hold government spending accountable. We offer this database as a service to taxpayers – if you support our efforts, please consider making a donation.

The information in this database is gathered through public records requests to state and local government entities. We requested the total gross income of public workers for three full fiscal years 2014, 2015 and 2016 – the information is posted as we received it. The amounts in the database are only for salary, not the cost of other benefits. For law enforcement officers, the state denied releasing their names – so for about 15,000 employees, the name is blank. The state also denied releasing the names and wages of some executive and legislative employees.

NameEmployerJob2014 Wage2015 Wage2016 Wage▾2017 Wage
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Zyzelewski, NancyOtsego Public SchoolsTeaching63,742.3064,367.8264,960.60n/a
Otsego Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 2n/an/a25.00n/a
Otsego Public SchoolsSupplemental Employment 1n/an/a812.50n/a
Zywiczynski, LauraWayland Union SchoolsOther Professional Education49,226.0051,019.1951,151.64n/a
Zywicki, TamaraGlen Lake Community SchoolsAide43,444.2545,408.4844,962.79n/a
Zywicki, PeggyLincoln Consolidated SchoolOther460.60n/an/an/a
Lincoln Consolidated SchoolAide14,201.769,149.669,960.82n/a
Zywicki, JeniferLeland Public SchoolTeaching (Temporary)1,627.371,801.033,231.58n/a
Leland Public SchoolTeaching40,517.6544,376.1543,181.43n/a
Leland Public SchoolOther599.001,141.001,198.00n/a
Zytowski, PatriciaLivonia Public SchoolsTeaching83,790.0283,910.9083,790.00n/a
Zysk, TammyCenter Line Public SchoolsAide15,363.0916,342.0011,481.00n/a
Zysk, JustinGrand Haven Public SchoolsOvertime Othern/a1,729.661,464.58n/a
Grand Haven Public SchoolsOvertime Operations and Servicen/a1,350.904,118.48n/a
Grand Haven Public SchoolsOther Operation and Service7,455.156,243.80n/an/a
Grand Haven Public SchoolsOperation and Service498.24n/an/an/a
Grand Haven Public SchoolsCustodiann/a23,955.7234,804.04n/a
Zysk, GloriaLinden Community SchoolTechnical300.00n/an/an/a
Linden Community SchoolSupplemental Employment 318.75n/an/an/a
Linden Community SchoolSupplemental Employment 2210.00266.00400.00n/a
Linden Community SchoolSupplemental Employment 1n/a427.00752.50n/a
Linden Community SchoolAide20,463.5517,898.1518,730.72n/a
Zyrowski, MichelleSt Clair County Community CollegeTeaching1,405.951,480.955,773.80n/a
St Clair County Community CollegeSupplemental Employment 1n/a25.00n/an/a
Port Huron Area SchoolsTeaching (Temporary)n/a60.00n/an/a
Port Huron Area SchoolsTeaching44,087.6944,087.6951,020.00n/a
Port Huron Area SchoolsOvertime Othern/an/a30.00n/a
Port Huron Area SchoolsOther Professional Education430.00120.00n/an/a
Zyrowski, KaylaCaro Community SchoolsFood Servicen/an/a4,856.48n/a
Zyrowski, DeborahKingston Community SchoolOther Professional Education150.00n/an/an/a
Kingston Community SchoolOthern/an/a200.00n/a
Kingston Community SchoolCoaches/Recreational1,107.183,706.071,661.50n/a
Zyrowski, DavidCaro Community SchoolsVehicle Operation9,221.132,335.4211,188.45n/a
Caro Community SchoolsOther Operation and Service40.00n/an/an/a
Zyrowski, ChristineKingston Community SchoolAide14,864.7015,729.1213,719.45n/a
Zyren, BarbaraTroy City School DistrictTeaching97,108.0099,270.7416,347.09n/a
Troy City School DistrictCurriculumn/a301.50n/an/a
Troy City School DistrictAssistant Superintendentn/a1,125.00n/an/a
Zyrek, CynthiaAlgonac Community SchoolsSecretary-Clerical-Bookkeeper19,902.7420,801.8121,241.52n/a
Algonac Community SchoolsOvertime Clerical/Administrative Supportn/an/a151.68n/a
Zyonse, HelenCentral Michigan UniversityWeekly Worker's Compensation4,423.43597.33n/an/a
Central Michigan UniversitySecretary-Clerical-Bookkeeper33,728.0036,832.0843,063.56n/a
ZYNDA, Robin ANNEAnn Arbor Public SchoolsTeachingn/an/a90.00n/a
Ann Arbor Public SchoolsSpeech and Language Therapist77,870.7677,502.0078,157.76n/a
Zynda, RobertTroy City School DistrictTeaching (Temporary)75.63n/a82.20n/a
Troy City School DistrictTeaching100,555.1596,954.9198,253.61n/a
Troy City School DistrictOvertime Teaching2,707.86n/an/an/a
Troy City School DistrictCurriculum144.72n/an/an/a
Troy City School DistrictAssistant Superintendentn/a1,125.00n/an/a
Zylstra-Draayer, RosemaryGrand Rapids Public SchoolsAide19,298.1121,021.13n/an/a