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'Not Doing the Job'? Top Researchers Say Charters in Detroit Should Serve as Models of Success

Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer recently wrote that charter schools “aren’t doing the job” in the effort to reform public schools. However, researchers at Stanford University say charter schools in Detroit should serve as models of success for the rest of the country. … more

Car Crash Deaths Have Been Going Down for 50 Years

A Michigan Public Radio story about a short-term spike in fatal car crashes didn't mention a 50-year trend that has seen dramatically lower overall traffic death rates. … more

MEA's Insults to Educators Pile Up as More and More Bolt

A local MEA union was insulting more of its members who were considering opting out of the union under the right-to-work law.  … more

Schwarzenegger's Son Lands Role in Minor Film; State Cuts $140,000 Check

Filmmakers wanted a post-cataclysmic setting for a movie and found what they were looking for in Detroit. And they got a $140,000 check. The director posted a shot of dilapidated building with "#Detroit." … more

Public School Accounting: $100M Cut From Budget In 10 Years = Spending Increase

Grand Rapids Public Schools Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal says the district has “cut $100 million from our budget” as part of a "transformation plan." But the financial audits tell a different story. … more

That's a 'Renewable Energy' Job? If You Say So

Someone else is claiming that the "renewable energy" economy has created new "green" jobs - like garbage collectors, bus drivers and plumbers. … more

First Year Teachers Not Making Enough $$$? Talk to the Unions

New Michigan public schools superintendent Brian Whiston has said that he thinks teachers need to make more money, especially the one just starting out. But its the teachers' unions that prevent quality young teachers from starting anywhere but the bottom of the payscale. … more

State Lawmakers Compared to 'Plantation Owners' For Trying to Keep University Tuition Down

Jack Lessenberry, a columnist for National Public Radio's Michigan affiliate, compares state universities to slaves and state lawmakers to plantation owners in a dispute over student tuition hikes. … more

Poor Ol' Peter and Poor Ol' Paul Are Expected to Get a $1.6 Billion Windfall in Tax Revenues

MLive Columnist Tim Skubick appears to have forgotten that the state projects it will be getting a whole lot more money in tax revenue the next two years. … more

Lone Democrat Votes Against Party Line on Film Subsidies

State Rep. Rose Mary Robinson said she would vote against the state's film subsidies. She followed through and by doing so stood against every other Democrat. … more

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