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Michigan Budget on Course for $7 Billion Rise Under Republicans

If the House budget were enacted as it now stands, it will be the fifth consecutive year of spending increases with Republicans controlling the House, Senate and governor's office. … more

Detroit Schools 'Misplace' $30 Million from Feds for Pensions

Detroit Public Schools is accused of not spending $30 million on pension costs. The district's pension costs per employee have skyrocketed. … more

State of Michigan Employees Averaged 10 Sick Days Last Year

The average state worker had 10.2 days of sick leave and 17.7 annual leave days in 2014-15.  … more

'Level' Playing Field for Detroit Charter Schools?

Detroit Mayor Michael Duggan approved a ban on selling closed Detroit Public School buildings to charters schools in 2014, but now says he wants a level playing field for all schools. … more

The Government Has Likely Turned You Into A Tax Cheat

The deadline to file income taxes is April 18 and government has found a new way to turn Americans into tax cheats. … more

Which Firms To Get $1 Billion from State Taxpayers? None of Your Business

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation made deals with businesses to give them $1 billion in aid from the taxpayers. But the MEDC won't say what businesses received it. … more

MSU Prof Calls Republicans 'Dying White People,' Receives Raises

The MSU professor who went on an anti-Republican rant in 2013 that was captured on video has received two raises since then. … more

Number of State Employees Who Make $100,000+ Up 50 Percent Under Snyder

There were 927 people on the state of Michigan's payroll who made $100,000 or more in 2011. By 2015, the number of six-figure employees had increased by 55 percent to 1,437.  … more

Michigan Senator: Employer Mandates Are For Other People

One Michigan Senator has a lot of beliefs about how private companies should run their businesses that he doesn't want to follow himself. … more

Safe Drinking Water or Subsidize Ads for Resorts?

Concern that the Flint water crisis could hurt the state's corporate welfare advertising program shows misplaced priorities. … more

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City government charged Nancy Wilson with a crime for not getting her historic home painted fast enough. "Their methodology is to beat you into submission and it's not right."

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