Mackinac Center in the News

LaFaive: How to Cut $2.1 Billion in Spending

Guest on WILS in Lansing; ideas for road funding. … more

More Money for Roads Without Raising Taxes

Center analyst cited in Detroit News. … more

Parole, Sentencing Bills Can be Better

Op-Ed in Detroit Free Press. … more

Statewide Media Reporting on MEA Salary Hikes

Michigan Capitol Confidential first to cover issue. … more

Vernuccio on Fox News, in The Hill

Discussed bogus Black Friday protests, the future of unions. … more

Media Reporting on H.S. Report Card

Rankings available for all public high schools. … more

Senate Should Take Up HB4001

Center expert's op-ed on MLive today. … more

Vernuccio Op-Ed in Detroit News

Restore democracy to the workplace. … more

Vernuccio Cited on Tennessee VW Labor Talks

Chattanooga Times Free Press, Bloomberg Businesweek. … more

Lehman Discusses Legislative Priorities

Cut corporate welfare, fix roads. … more

Reitz Cited on Criminal Sentencing Reform

Legislative overhaul could save taxpayers money. … more

Vernuccio on Unions' Election Day Failure

Fox News, The Week cite labor policy expert. … more

Beckmann Cites CapCon on Film Incentives

Host, state senator discuss Hollywood corporate welfare. … more

Center Research Cited in Daily Caller

Corporate welfare continues to grow. … more

BEA President Unsure What Her Contract Says

Center attorney explains it and basis for teacher's lawsuit. … more

Media Coverage of Center's Latest Lawsuit

Brighton teacher sues union, school board. … more

LaFaive Cited by Fox News

Indiana toll road privatization. … more

Vernuccio Cited in Washington Examiner

Legislation seeks to protect workers from unions. … more

Why the UAW Didn't Need to Hike Dues

Detroit News op-ed. … more

MEA Can't Keep Story Straight on Union Bullying

VP apparently didn't read president's press release. … more

Economic Freedom and Prosperity

Mackinac Center speaker in Oakland Press. … more

Wright on Sunday Morning Program Talking RTW

Recent decision gives workers greater freedom. … more

News Coverage of MEA's Illegal 'August Window'

National, international media cite Center expert. … more

Officials Caved to Red Wings on Corporate Welfare

Team should have paid for new arena on its own. … more

Media Continues Reporting on Teacher Opt Outs

Ten percent of those who could left the MEA last year. … more

MEDC Approves Corporate Welfare for Dealership

LaFaive: Special favors unfair to competitors, taxpayers. … more

Vernuccio: UAW Facing Big Problems

Commentary in Capital Research Center's "Labor Watch." … more

AP Story on Teacher Opt Outs Goes National

More than 100 news outlets have coverage. … more

Gov. Granholm Teaching Class on Job Creation

LaFaive: "Recommend students stay away." … more

Media Continues to Cover MEA's 'August Window'

Union still threatening those who stopped paying dues. … more

Teacher Explains Why He Left the MEA

No longer a pawn in union's "big money political game." … more

Detroit News Editorial on MEA's 'August Window'

Teachers can resign now, save $1,000 annually. … more

Spalding Writes on Worker Freedom at Townhall

Union members need to be aware of opt-out 'windows.' … more

Skorup on WSJ's 'Opinion Journal Live'

Discussed 3rd Congressional District primary. … more

Vernuccio Discusses 'August Window' for Teachers

How MEA members can opt out of union. … more

State, National Media Report on MEA Opt Out

August is chance for members to resign if they want to. … more

Hohman on Personal Property Tax in Detroit News

Prop 1 better than other Great Lake states' reforms. … more

Statewide Media Cite Center on Prop 1

Personal property tax issue on Aug. 5 ballot. … more

Unions' Bark Worse Than Their Bite

Vernuccio in National Review on Midwest labor reforms. … more

Vernuccio, Spalding on WILS in Lansing

Discussed MEA attacks on teachers, charter schools. … more

McHugh: Campaign Finance Laws 'Weaponized'

Poses threat to political free speech. … more

August Opt Out Featured in Detroit News

MEA window "can be extremely confusing." … more

Lehman Cited in National Review

Critique of Gov. Snyder's performance. … more

Detroit News: MERC Ruling a 'Win' for Students

Center provided legal help for U-M grad students. … more

Wilcox in Detroit News

SCOTUS decision's Michigan roots. … more

Reitz in The American Spectator

Commentary on SEIU defeat. … more

Media Cite Center on Supreme Court Case

SEIU-type dues skim outlawed. … more

Vernuccio Discusses the MEA's 'August Window'

Was a guest on "Capital City Recap."  … more

Gongwer, MIRS Cover MERC Ruling

Grad students saved from unionization. … more

Fox Covers MEA's Attack on Teachers

Vernuccio, teacher with host Neil Cavuto. … more

Vernuccio Discusses MEA's Attack on Teachers

Guest on SiriusXM radio's 'Wilkow Majority.' … more

Washington Examiner: MEA Attacking Teachers

Fox News: Union sending members to collections agency. … more

Skorup on WNEM-TV5

State has enough money to fix roads. … more

Media Details Center Efforts to Help Teachers

New website can help teachers opt out of the MEA. … more

Reitz Cited on Government Transparency

"Essential for citizens to know." … more

Media Reports on Center Request

New MERC rule would help public-sector union members. … more

Lehman, LaFaive in Wall Street Journal

How Democrats won on minimum wage, gas tax. … more

LaFaive in Free Press

No bailout for Detroit. … more

Center in Wall Street Journal Consecutive Days

Cited on SEIU scheme, Detroit bailout. … more

Wage Hike Bad for Tipped Workers

Vernuccio explains in Detroit News. … more

Skorup Discusses Hollywood Corporate Welfare

Film subsidy money could be better spent. … more

Corporate Welfare for 'Millionaire Movie Makers'

WNEM details film subsidy scheme. … more

Statewide Taxpayers on the Hook for Detroit?

LaFaive cited in Detroit News on bailout scheme. … more

The Debate Over School Spending

Teacher pension costs really are part of classroom spending. … more

State, National Media on SEIU's Downward Spiral

Right-to-work rescues 44k from stealth unionization scheme. … more

Can Detroit Bailout Sneak Past GOP Legislature?

Jack McHugh explains how in The Macomb Daily. … more

Perry: Ticket Resales Should be Unregulated

Tickets to games or concerts are personal property. … more

Minimum Wage Hike About Politics, not People

Jarrett Skorup Op-Ed in Detroit News … more

Center Experts in Detroit News

City should privatize transportation department. … more

Detroit EM Considering Center Proposals

Privatization could help stabilize struggling city. … more

Vernuccio Cited on President's Ann Arbor Visit

Most Americans can't afford a $14 sandwich for lunch. … more

Amtrak Subsidy Takes Money from Roads

Riders should pay their own way. … more

Center Scholar in Wall Street Journal

Mark Perry on alleged gender pay gap. … more

MEA President's Math in Detroit News Questioned

District says Cook's claim "cannot be substantiated." … more

Center Scholar's Commentary at

New Red Wings arena should not get corporate welfare. … more

Center Research in Time, Washington Post

Tobacco smuggling stats a national story. … more

CapCon Story on Ferndale Draws Attention

State, national, international media respond. … more

Teacher Who Left MEA Explains Why

Ray Arthur in Detroit News. … more

Teacher Speaks Out on Union Bullying

MEA will go after 8,000 teachers not paying dues. … more

Lopez on Fox Business

Corporate welfare for movies unfair to taxpayers. … more

LaFaive Proven Right on Cigarette Tax Hike

Mass. losing millions due to smuggling. … more

Vernuccio on Worker Freedom

Panel discussion in Washington, D.C. … more

Teachers Victorious Over MEA

State, national media report on RTW win. … more

McHugh Discusses Budget on WILS

Focus on smarter spending, not more spending. … more

Detroit News, Free Press Cover MCLF Lawsuit

MEA sued over more teacher bullying. … more

Mackinac Scholar in Wall Street Journal

Smith on IRS scandal and media failure. … more

Tuition Plan Would Make College More Expensive

Spalding and Skorup in The Detroit News. … more

Center Expert, Board Member Discuss Detroit

LaFaive, Lockwood at Reason Foundation event. … more

Spalding Op-Ed on School Choice

Explains the benefits to MLive readers. … more

State Economic Outlook from David Littmann

Discussed DBusiness article on WJR. … more

VoteSpotter App Draws Media Attention

Give instant feedback to your legislators. … more

Spalding on Fox2 Detroit

College costs, school takeovers discussed. … more

Vernuccio on PBS News Hour

Labor expert talks UAW/VW vote in Tennessee. … more

Union Bullying Story Draws National Attention

CapCon broke story about RTW "intimidation" list. … more

Corporate Welfare Schemes Need Transparency

Mackinac Center commentary in Detroit Free Press. … more

Skorup on 'West Michigan Week'

Debate over minimum wage. … more

Vernuccio on Benefits of RTW for Missouri

Op-Ed in Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader. … more

Can Detroit Replicate Pontiac's Success?

LaFaive outlines how in today's Oakland Press. … more

Will Legislature Keep Tax Cut Promise?

SB 402 begins to undo 11.5% hike from 2007. … more

LaFaive Cited on Minimum Wage in GR Press

Research refutes AFL-CIO president's claim. … more

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