Mackinac Center in the News

Center Cited on Jobs (or Lack Thereof)

A new study by the Center's Michael LaFaive, director of fiscal policy, and James Hohman, fiscal research analyst, figured prominently in media coverage across Michigan Sunday and today highlighting Michigan's inability to create jobs, despite various programs, subsidies and other give-aways. … more

Center MEDC Study in National Spotlight

A recently released Mackinac Center study about the ineffectiveness of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. is receiving state and national media attention… more

Labor Issues Highlight Center Media Coverage

Labor issues, including Michigan's Public Employee Relations Act and a lawsuit over forced union dues have been the focal point of the Mackinac Center's media coverage this week. … more

Legislature Adopts Center's Quest for Transparency

The Legislature has agreed to request greater transparency from Michigan's public school districts, adopting a cause the Mackinac Center first took up more than 18 months ago, according to The Grand Rapids Press… more

Roadmap to Nowhere

Last week, while Michiganders shivered through more subnormal temperatures and watched their crop yields freeze from a summer of too-cool weather, a green echo chamber of media, government bureaucrats and activists gathered for a Midwest Governor's Association (MGA) conference in downtown Detroit to draw a "Midwestern Energy Security and Climate Stewardship Roadmap" to help Michigan navigate around . . . global warming. … more

Mackinac Center in the News

Mackinac Center scholars were cited in four different newspapers - including one from North Carolina - on four different topics Friday, Sunday and today. … more

Center Cited on Teacher Pay

WJR's Paul W. Smith mentioned the Mackinac Center and policy analyst Ken Braun's analysis of public school teachers’ salaries during a radio interview of Nolan Finley of the Detroit News. (audio… more

Mackinac Center in the News

The Mackinac Center has been cited in various media outlets in the past few days. … more

Center Cited on Teacher Pay

Research by Policy Analyst Ken Braun was highlighted in a column by Nolan Finley in today's Detroit News. … more

Center Op-Ed on Nanny State

An Op-Ed by Communications Director Michael D. Jahr and Assistant Editor Hannah K. Mead was published in today's Midland Daily News. … more

Center Cited on State Budget

The Mackinac Center was cited today by World Magazine in a story about the Michigan Legislature's failure to balance the fiscal 2010 budget and its self-created $2.8 billion overspending crisis. … more

How Will They Solve the Budget Dilemma?

Mackinac Center analysts were cited in two Detroit-area newspapers today about how Michigan can address its current financial difficulties. … more

2007 Redux

Jack McHugh, senior legislative analyst, is quoted in a Detroit News article today about Michigan's budget negotiations and the possibility of a government shutdown if a balanced budget is not passed by midnight tomorrow. … more

Center Op-Eds in Detroit-area Newspapers

Op-Eds by two Mackinac Center authors were recently featured in the Dearborn Times-Herald. … more

Michael LaFaive Cited on Tax Hikes

Michael LaFaive, director of the Mackinac Center's Morey Fiscal Policy, was cited in today's Lansing State Journal in a story about the public's disinterest in tax hikes. The Michigan Legislature currently faces a self-created $2.8 billion overspending crisis and has until midnight Wednesday to eliminate it and pass a balanced fiscal year 2010 budget. The Legislature passed $1.4 billion in tax hikes in 2007 to balance the state budget, since which time Michigan's unemployment rate has doubled. … more

USA Today Cites Center MEDC Research

USA Today cited a recent Mackinac Center study showing that just one-third of jobs promised by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. have come to fruition. … more

School Privatization Can Offset Budget Cuts

An Op-Ed by the Center's James Hohman and Eric Imhoff in today's Detroit News highlights the millions of dollars public schools can save by privatizing noninstructional services. … more

Harding Discusses Cap-and-Trade

Russ Harding, Mackinac Center senior environmental analyst, discussed cap-and-trade and other energy issues in Oakland County recently. … more

Center Cited on Transparency

The Mackinac Center's ongoing efforts to get public schools, municipalities and legislators to post spending online for public inspection was highlighted by WEYI-TV25 today. … more

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