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Price Fixing and Sotheby's

The recent verdict for criminal price-fixing against 76-year-old William Taubman, the former CEO of Sotheby's, has destabilized the world of high-priced auctions. But is he really a criminal? … more

Keep Cutting Taxes

Mackinac Center President Lawrence Reed urges the Michigan Legislature to not only keep on track with scheduled tax cuts but to enlarge them to help revive a flagging Michigan economy. … more

Is Christmas Inefficient?

A Mackinac Center adjunct scholar takes on one Scrooge economist's contention that gift-giving results in a waste of economic resources. Merry Christmas to all from the Mackinac Center staff! … more

Fighting Statism at the State Level

"Think of the Mackinac Center as one of the chief laboratories for the laboratories of democracy," writes Detroit News columnist Tom Bray in a recent article for OpinionJournal.com. … more

Tolerating Zero-Tolerance

Are so-called "zero-tolerance" policies effective in reducing violence in public schools? … more

Making the Case for Liberty

Making the case for liberty "stick" requires a patient, long-term commitment to ideas and principles over the instant gratification of short-term obsessions with elections and legislation. … more

Does the MEAP Measure Up?

Mackinac Center education experts analyze the effectiveness of the Michigan Education Assessment Program. … more

Michigan Schools in Debt

Despite regular funding increases since the passage of Proposal A, Michigan public schools' borrowing is at an all-time high. … more

Corn Flakes and Greatness

Learn the story of a great Michigan entrepreneur and philanthropist, Will Kellogg, in this classic Mackinac Center Viewpoint… more

The Myth of "Predatory Pricing"

Over 40 years ago, Professor John McGee demolished a popular economic myth-but the myth persists. … more

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