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Roscommon teachers leave Michigan Education Association

"Teachers at Roscommon Area Public Schools voted by a nearly 2-to-1 margin to leave the Michigan Education Association ..." more

DPS teachers awarded bonuses

"Detroit Public Schools teachers will receive a bonus as part of a court settlement with Emergency Manager Roy Roberts ..." more

Detroit high school students to try virtual learning

"Detroit-area students at high schools run by the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan will have the opportunity to take virtual courses ..." more

Chicago strike sparks discussion about teacher evaluations

"The ongoing Chicago Teachers Union strike, in part due to controversy about how teachers are evaluated ..." more

College stats in for Kalamazoo Promise’s first class

"Kalamazoo Promise officials have released the latest data showing how the Kalamazoo Public Schools’ class of 2006 is doing ..." more

Sweeping collective bargaining proposal on November ballot

"The state Supreme Court has ruled that a sweeping ballot proposal to expand public employee bargaining power will be on the November ballot ..." more

Teacher pension reform law signed

"Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a law reforming school employee pension costs ..." more

Teacher pension reform law signed

"Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a law reforming school employee pension costs ..." more

Highland Park student plaintiffs return to school

"Eight students who are suing the Highland Park School District for failing to teach them to read at an appropriate level are returning to school ..." more

Number of Michigan charter public schools continues to grow

"This school year, 31 new public charter schools have opened in Michigan ..." more

Some Flint students begin year without class assignments

"In the wake of merging middle and high schools, some Flint School District students were not provided class assignments ..." more

School tax rates in Kalamazoo County go up without a vote

"School taxes are set to increase in Kalamazoo County, even though residents did not vote on the matter ..." more

Oxford district’s AstroTurf could cost some their homes

"Oxford Public Schools has until Sept. 1 to come up with $300,000 to pay for its new football field turf ..." more

Whitehall saves by switching to high-deductible health plan

"The Whitehall teachers union and the Whitehall school board have agreed upon a new contract ..." more

Michigan districts start testing teacher evaluation methods

"Fourteen school districts are testing different teacher evaluation models for statewide consideration ..." more

Audit alleges Genesee district administrator misspent funds

"The Genesee Intermediate School District has fired a top-level administrator, and a state education department employee has been placed on leave ..." more

Most tax increases pass, increases for schools least popular

"About 90 percent of millages proposed statewide this summer passed ..." more

Appeals court rules against deduction for teacher health costs

"A Michigan appeals court has ruled that a 3 percent deduction from school employees put in place to help pay for health care costs is illegal ..." more

Blended learning school to open in Detroit this fall

"Cornerstone Charter Schools will open a new blended learning high school in Detroit this fall ..." more

DPS shakeups continue, split power between board and manager

"Power struggles in Detroit Public Schools continue after a judge ruled that the DPS board has power over academic issues, while the state-appointed emergency financial manager has power over the budget ..." more