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Michigan Says No to High Tech

A tax on computer software would drive a number of businesses out of Michigan.

Corporate America Feeds the Hand that Bites It

Many business people say that they're for free enterprise while simultaneously undermining it by aiding its opponents.

Cutting Spending-Not Raising Taxes-Is Responsible

Washington shouldn't even think of raising taxes when the problem is overspending.

New "Civil Rights" for the Handicapped

Efforts to help the handicapped with legislation requiring employers to reconfigure their worksites are another example of good intentions producing bad results.

Where Does Economic Development Come From?

It doesn't come from government subsidies; it springs from incentives and free markets.

It's Time to Abolish HUD's Block Grant Program

Scandals rocking HUD programs in Oakland County point out the need for abolition of block grant handouts.

Minimum Wage is Lousy Economics

Raising the minimum wage prices the least-skilled out of the labor market-raising Michigan's minimum above the national figure is economic suicide.

Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act: A Disaster for the Taxpayers

This special interest legislation was designed to help unions. The result is that costs are higher than necessary, and taxpayers are helping pay the tab.

Thoughts on America's "National Cancer Policy"

Common sense and good science should replace scare talk and poor policy when it comes to something as serious as cancer.

It's Time to Deregulate Michigan Trucking

Counterproductive regulations are raising intrastate shipping costs and making the Michigan trucking industry uncompetitive with firms in neighboring states.

TV Peddles Anti-Business Themes

Are businessmen a set of ruthless connivers, bent upon stepping over anything and anyone that gets in their way, even to the point of murder? To watch their portrayal on primetime television, one would think so.

Ecorse's Grand Experiment

When Lou Schimmel was made court-appointed receiver of this small Downriver Detroit community of 12,180 residents, he straightened out its finances through budget cuts and widespread privatization.

We Consume Because We First Produce

The notion that Americans are economic pigs because we are just 7 percent of the world's population and consume 40 percent of the world's wealth is based on economic ignorance.

The Fallacy of Comparable Worth

If Michigan adopts and enforces comparable worth, the result would be a legal and economic nightmare.

New Economic Climate Requires New Responses from Auto Makers

A change in the tax code in favor of savings over consumer spending has hit the U.S. auto industry hard, especially since the economics of the situation mean auto makers should lower prices, something they are loathe to consider.

Let's Take Another Look at Government as an Investor

Economic development schemes promoted by government usually amount to nothing more than thinly disguised subsidies for people with political clout. Flint, Michigan, is a case in point.

The Imminent Demise of Michigan's Private Workers' Compensation Insurance Industry

A recent decision of the Michigan Court of Appeals has placed the survival of the state's private workers' compensation insurance industry in serious danger.

Privatization Works for Social Services Too

In the area of social welfare, government isn't the only game in town. Communities around America are setting good examples for private sector involvement.

Runaway Federal Spending Tramples Michigan Taxpayers

The way to deal with the federal budget deficit is not to raise taxes but to control runaway government spending. One way to do this would be to enact a spending freeze, which could give us a budget surplus in just three years.

Environmental Bond Issue Needs to be Cleaned Up

Michigan leads the nation in tart cherry production. Some producers are lobbying the government to limit future production. Artificial controls on cherry production will retard development of new cherry markets and products essential to the industry's growth.

Privatizing Corrections: An Opportunity for Michigan

Many states and counties around the country have good track records in this area. It's time that Michigan gave it serious consideration.

Product Liability Reform: Better Late Than Never

There is no need for the states to wait for the federal government to act; liability reform is long overdue.

New Directions for Rural Solid Waste Management

The solution when local solid waste disposal systems jam or break down is not necessarily more government, but greater cooperation between homeowners, businesses, private investors and local, county and state governments.

Sales Tax on Services: A Bad Idea

Michigan should learn from Florida's failed 1987 attempt to extend its sales tax to cover services. If done, it would disadvantage small businesses which compete with large firms and boost the state's administrative costs.

Cities Which Choose Death

Cities and towns die, many times, as victims of technological advance and failure to adapt to abrupt change. But other times, they die because they refuse to acknowledge the realities of the marketplace and try to impose prosperity through politics.

Mandatory Benefits Aren't Free

It would be a mistake for Congress to require employers to provide benefits that a tight federal budget won't permit the government to engage in.

The Perils of Predicting

It's no wonder that economists are notoriously inept at predicting the economic future-virtually all the measures commonly used, such as the Index of Leading Economic Indicators, include or exclude factors that skew the results.

A Public Housing Success Story

Cochran Gardens in St. Louis, Missouri, teaches lessons about tenant management and privatization of public housing from which Michigan could learn.