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Corporate Handouts: Lansing Politicians Should Care About the Science

As legislators consider yet another subsidy program for select businesses, it’s time to review the research. In short, such programs don’t work.

Honor Parents by Funding Students

As a record amount of funding goes to schools, Michigan’s school districts and state leaders have the means to accommodate a variety of parental interests.

Burying Michigan’s Unconstitutional Emergency Powers Law

It’s a good thing the Legislature repealed the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945, a law that violated key principles of Michigan’s system of government.

CDC School Mask Guidelines Roil Parents

The state government ought to diffuse controversies over school masking policies by encouraging parental choice in education.

Governments Light Up Cigarette Smuggling

A smuggling cell that brought cigarettes from China into Michigan illustrates the opportunities for crime that governments create by increasing taxes on cigarettes.

While Michigan’s Electricity Rates Increase, Reliability Suffers

Consumers Energy has increased its electricity rates for certain times of the day, touting it as a market-based response to climate change. In reality, this is the utility’s way of coping with the inherently unreliable nature of the green energy sources it favors.

Why the State Should Stop Subsidizing Select Businesses

When lawmakers hand out taxpayer money to specific companies, it may look like they’re doing something good for the economy. The reality is far different.

Concerned About a Michigan Teacher Shortage? Make it Easier to Become a Teacher

Reforming the state’s rules on teacher certification will help schools find the teachers they need.

Whitmer Persists With Line 5 Closure As East Coast Experiences Fuel Shortages

The economy and environment of Michigan would benefit if Gov. Gretchen Whitmer stops opposing a plan to move the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline to a cement-lined tunnel far below the Great Lakes.

Governor’s Pandemic Response Was Rarely Backed by Science

While Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has said her COVID-19 policies are based on science, many decisions were made on the fly, with some influenced by anecdotes and public pressure