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Health Care: Solving the Administrative Costs Question

A better way to cut health care administrative costs than copying Canada's socialized system would be to introduce the innovative ideas of Medisave accounts and health care debit cards.

Dan Quayle: Correct But Not Politically Correct

Vice President Dan Quayle was right to criticize the television show Murphy Brown for promoting the idea that single working motherhood is any kind of model for healthy development of children. All social science points to quite the contrary view.

Tiger Stadium Tax is Unconstitutional

An act passed by the legislature to allow certain cities and counties to tax restaurant, hotel, and rental car customers flouts the Michigan Constitution.

Public Housing Beset with Scandals

The Detroit Public Housing Authority's scandalous record of mismanagement is typical of many big city PHAs across the country. Tenant management is the most promising reform.

Back to the Drawing Board for Schools-of-Choice

What once offered the hope of dramatic reform has now become simply another burdensome state mandate to local school officials; genuine choice requires more fundamental measures than what the legislature authorized in 1991.

Protecting the Political Freedom of Workers

Hundreds of thousands of Michigan labor union members need the protection promised them by the Supreme Court's landmark 1988 Beck decision.

Trucking in Michigan: Cartel or Market?

Special interest regulations have created a trucking cartel in Michigan that raises consumer costs, makes many Michigan firms uncompetitive with those in neighboring states and even increases air pollution.

Repeal the Sunset (of No-Fault Insurance Law)

Michigan's no-fault auto insurance law was working just fine until the state government in 1985 decided to tinker with the system.

Child and Family Services in Michigan: Privatization Works!

A vibrant network of private agencies is providing a wide range of important social services and ought to be encouraged.

As Values Collapse, Government Grows

America's ethical crisis is fueling both a war on freedom and the growth of excessive government.

User Fees and Taxes: What's the Difference?

User fees, when they are genuine, are not bad ideas, but Lansing is full of proposals to raise taxes and misname them "user fees."

State Government Competes Unfairly With Private Firms

Universities, prisons, and other state-run or subsidized entities are invading the domain of taxpaying private firms in Michigan.

Michigan Shouldn't Copy Canada's Health System

A proposal for Michigan to implement free, universal health care is based on the misconception that Canada's model is one we would want to emulate.

The Government's Role in Assessing Cancer Risks

The methodology that the EPA uses to determine cancer risk borders on the ridiculous and should be reformed.

Government Pension System Needs Reform

The state's treasurer should not be investing state employees' pension monies in risky initial public offerings in the stock market.

School Funding and Student Performance

States where the local governments, not state governments, make up the vast bulk of school finance produce the best results.

The Property Tax Cut Debate

A perspective on why high property taxes are detrimental.

Hang Up on Vote-by-Phone

The proposal to allow voters to register and vote by telephone might encourage more voting, but it won't preserve democracy and improve government.

Prevailing Wage Act Harms the Poor

If Michigan citizens were serious about assisting poor people, they would support repeal of the Prevailing Wage Act.

Should Taxpayers Finance ESOPS?

Lansing once spent taxpayer dollars subsidizing employee stock ownership plans, a program that was of dubious value at best.