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Films or Potholes?

Cost of film subsidy program would repair over 5 million potholes

… million for the state's film subsidy program. Previously, … they should end the film program and use the … are pledging toward films for the upcoming fiscal … a lot of reasons , film subsidies are one of … more

Cap the Film Incentives and Kill the Film Industry in Michigan? Not Yet

Film Industry Supporters Crying Wolf Over Governor's Plans for Film Subsidies

… Free Press column , film industry proponent and … refundable, unlimited film incentives, you might … “…effectively chases films away. No successful … wants to be the last film in, then find out the … more

Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Redirecting Film Subsidies to Roads

66 Percent Surveyed Support Reprioritizing $50 Million Film Subsidy for Road Improvements

… $50 million annual film subsidy to fixing the … costly and ineffective film subsidy is not creating … Michigan’s $50 million film subsidy should be continued … value expenditure (film subsidies) into a higher … more

Clock is Ticking on Michigan's Film Subsidies

Unless the bill is vetoed, film incentives end soon

… would kill the state’s film subsidy program, was … hard to argue that film subsidies have been … appropriated to the coffers of film studios, there were fewer film jobs in the state … more

Michigan Chamber CEO Blasts Film Subsidies as a 'Boondoggle'

Bill extends film subsidies indefinitely

… to extend Michigan’s film incentive subsidy program … Rich Studley blasted film subsidies during withering … taxpayer dollars spent on film subsidies would be better … roads. “If the Michigan film subsidies were a movie … more

Will Michigan Taxpayers Be Giving KISS Millions For the Rock Band's Film?

Gene Simmons slaps down socialism but KISS film may accept film subsidies

… incentives the Michigan Film Office approved in 2011 for the KISS film "Cadillac High"? Simmons … to reapply for the film incentive and hasn’t … spokeswoman for the Michigan Film Office. It is unclear … more

Film Incentives Clearly Hurt

Studies show a lack of positive economic impact

… elimination of Michigan’s film incentive at The Detroit … but the studies of film incentives are clear. … — have argued that [film incentives] don’t succeed … more

Michigan May Send Film Credits to the Cutting Room Floor

Bill looks to end subsidies, $500 million and no job gains later

… originally appropriated for film production subsidies … Katie Carey said the film credit program “has … find that with the film credits, that's one … $494.4 million on the film credit program from … more

Michigan Has Fewer Film Jobs Than it Did Prior to Incentive Program

$500 million later, 100 fewer jobs

… Michigan has fewer film jobs than it did when … Michigan had 1,561 film jobs in 2013 (the latest … the state had 1,663 film jobs. See chart nearby. Michigan … per year subsidizing film productions. Previously, … more

Five Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad Idea

Politicians help Big Hollywood soak taxpayers for few benefits, much harm

… of expenditures for film, television, music video, … debated Michigan's film subsidy program  on … are: The Michigan film subsidy program does … nearby ). It's true that film production companies … more

March 3, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

Pension debt, double-dipping, film subsidies

… Actions: Terminate State Film Subsidies On … state subsidies to film producers. Specifically, … number of full time film industry jobs in the … million allocated for film subsidies. Gov. Rick … more

Mackinac Expert Talks Film Incentives on NPR

No full-time jobs were created as a result of this corporate welfare

… had the most generous film incentive program in … Considered” to discuss state film incentives. He said … producers who come in, film and then leave and then, … next time they make a film,” Skorup said. He … more

Box Office Bombs: Made in Michigan

Many films are getting more money from Michigan taxpayers than they are at the theaters

"The Genesis Code," a film shot in Michigan, received … during the two years of filming and its theatrical release. The film received a lot of media … attention because it was filmed in west Michigan. … more

Michigan's Film Incentive Program Has Been A Bust

Taxpayers have spent nearly $450 million with little to show for it

… changed its open-ended film incentive program to … devoted $444.7 million to film productions from both … establish a permanent film industry. Approved film productions spend money … more

March 13, 2015, MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

Crime punishment, film subsidies, more

… 4122 , Terminate state film producer subsidies: … state subsidies to film producers (for which … more

MCPP Experts Take Down Film Program in MLive

… business of subsidizing film production companies. Skorup … create a sustainable film industry in Michigan. … Statistics, there are fewer film jobs in Michigan today … report from the Michigan Film Office. Over the … more

Mackinac Research Featured in Wall Street Journal

Hohman and Skorup cited on film subsidies

… end of the Michigan film producer subsidies. The film incentives program, … more
Film Jobs in Michigan

Film Tax Credits Don’t Grow the Economy

… state’s newly minted film tax credit program, … Corporation reported that film incentives created zero … actually has fewer film-related jobs than it … Michigan is not alone. Film tax credits, more commonly … more

Hohman on Film Incentives

Price tag of $500 million for no industry growth

… ineffectiveness of Michigan’s film incentive program. The … that would repeal the film incentive program. The … $500 million on the film subsidies and is authorized … gained no permanent film industry jobs more

Michigan Film Incentives ‘All But Dead’

But if the MEDC wants them, it can keep them

… eliminate Michigan’s film incentive program from … well as Michigan’s film office. The bills need … the governor. Film subsidies are widely … selectively funding films, however. But while … more

State Press Covers the End of Film Subsidies

Hohman comments on bill signed into law on July 10

… of subsidizing the film industry, Michigan's … agree that subsidizing film making is a waste of … more

New Evidence: Film Incentives Still Don’t Work

Research from Michael Thom analyzes a variety of programs

… once the most generous film incentive program in … that despite giving film producers half a billion … were no signs that the film industry in Michigan … states and found that film incentive programs, … more

Film Subsidy Supporters: Mich. Program a Failure

A 'race to the bottom'

… California featured several film incentive boosters who … opposition. Henchman pointed out that film incentive programs are … more

The More Information Voters Have the Less They Support Film Subsidies

Majority of respondents want film money to go to roads

… subject of Michigan’s film incentive program. This … has about Michigan’s film incentive program the … question support for the film subsidy drops. The poll … opinion: A. “Michigan’s film industry jobs are worth … more

Film Subsidy Bucks Buy Video Games: Does Hollywood Glitz Still Shine?

… Michigan’s controversial film tax subsidy, taxpayers … August, the Michigan Film Office awarded Scientifically … Clooney this month at a film festival what he thought about filming in Ann Arbor. Clooney’s … more

Republican-led Legislature Votes Overwhelmingly to Continue 'Big Hollywood' Film Subsidy

Senate passes bill 34-4, House 92-15

… allowing the state’s film subsidy program to continue, … $100 million for the film subsidy program. The … how much the Michigan Film Office can authorize, … converts the previous film incentive program into … more

Plot to Kill Film Credits Begins to Look Plausible

… chance that Michigan’s film subsidy program will … something like the film credits would be something … something like the film credits. Clearly … a major reason the film credits hadn’t been … more

Editorial Blasts Michigan Film Subsidy Program

Film office reports 'pathetically lacking'

… to task the Michigan film subsidy program, saying … are employed in the film industry compared to … News  reports that film industry employement … successes of individual film productions, they steadfastly … more

Hey! Is that Brad Pitt in the Frozen Food Aisle?

Almost every argument in favor of film subsidies is wrong

… state's subsidies to film producers . ForTheRecord … are about to kill the film industry in this state, … taxpayer dollars to film producers. Michigan … pictures since Michigan’s film subsidy program began … more

Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill Ending Film Subsidies

State has granted over $450 million in corporate welfare for the movie industry since 2008

… eliminating Michigan’s film industry subsidies. … 2008 , the state’s film office has appropriated … Center has opposed the film subsidy program since … today there are fewer film jobs in the state … more

Film Noir

… through the Michigan film incentive program.") A … a 146-million dollar film studio and school in … excitement over another new film studio project announced … Rapids, it's Hangar42 film studios!" The … more

House Vote on Terminating Michigan Film Producer Subsidies

House rejects $50 million per year program

… state tax dollars to film-production companies. … had 1,663 full-time film-industry jobs in 2008, … requiring any leftover film subsidy money be used … losses from a past film-related deal. The Granholm … more

Film Incentive Bill Sows Its Own Expansion

… expand the state’s film incentive program, which … law was to allow the film office flexibility to … version of the bill gives film productions shooting … doesn’t let the Michigan Film Office decide how much … more

Skorup Film Subsidy Op-Ed Published in Wall Street Journal

Celebrating the death of a corporate welfare program

… nearly $500 million. The film incentives program was … Fortunately, the demise of film incentives seems imminent, … extensively on the film subsidy program, has … more

Film Subsidies — Smokin'!

… actively subsidizing a film industry that encourages … is subsidizing the film industry to the tune … the cost to produce films featuring smokers that … published a study on film subsidies and smoking … more

Center Credited for Ending Film Subsidy Payment

… part of Michigan’s film subsidy program. more

Another Film Subsidy Failure

Michigan 3D media company, Speedshape, paid by taxpayers to help make Spy Kids 4, owes taxes and rent

… thanks to Michigan film incentives in 2011 to … release from the Michigan Film Office. The Weinstein … million by the Michigan film tax incentive.  However, … is bothered that the film was not shot in Michigan … more

Will Michigan GOP Continue Michael Moore Film Subsidies?

Program is a waste of taxpayer money

In 2011, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore sat … council for the Michigan Film Office. The office is … costs for his 2009 film “ Capitalism: A Love … million from Michigan’s film subsidy program. In … more

Corporate Welfare for 'Millionaire Movie Makers'

WNEM details film subsidy scheme

… transparency surrounding the film subsidies. “Sometimes … or others.” The film office director told … Superman ” movie being filmed in Detroit.  You … more

The Scene and the Unseen: Act IV

The Michigan Film Incentive: EMS and Child Day Care vs. Movies, by Kathy Hoekstra

… companies that made films in Michigan last year … That’s under a new film incentive program intended … activity. But while news of film jobs and movie-related … part to pay for the film incentive’s refundable … more
Exhibit A: MFO 2009 Annual Report

Lawmakers Fail to Answer Questions About Film Subsidy Transparency

… about the Michigan Film Incentive and how well … can you tell us about film money?" appear common-sense, … think that the existing film incentive legislation … extent. The Michigan Film Office makes its legally … more

Warning: Increase Film Subsides Now and Risk Regrets Later

… one-time allowance for film subsidies in Michigan. … Richardville, R-Monroe, on the film subsidies: “(Richardville) … allocated to the state’s film incentive program for … bill to change the film subsidies that would … more

Legislator ‘Stunned’ By End Of Film Subsidies, Knocks Other Corporate Handouts She Approved

Democrat voted for $1.2 billion in 'huge tax breaks and sweetheart incentives'

… now-defunct Michigan film subsidy program back … her dismay that the film subsidies program had … ending cash handouts to film producers in 2015. Love … more

Michigan Film Subsidies: Two Years, $117m — and No Film Job Growth

… years since Michigan's film subsidy program became … people employed by the film industry in Michigan … program began. The film subsidy program was … authorized $117 million in film credits, and the Department … more

Film Incentive Supporters Ignore the Facts

No evidence that Michigan's program is worth the cost

… communications for the Michigan Film Office, responded to … co-authored about Michigan's film incentive program. Unfortunately, … independent studies on film incentive programs; … money losers — the film incentives were not … more

Film Incentives: The $50 Million Sequel

State Rep.: 'I think the studios made a big push for them ... they won me over'

… cutting Michigan's film incentives in half, … include any money for the film incentive program. The … again. Appropriations for the film incentives are one item … a compromise on the film incentives, such as … more

GOP Budget Spends More on Film Subsidies

Picking Hollywood over taxpayers

… spent on Michigan’s film subsidy program. Spending … program. Michigan’s film subsidy used to be the … give-backs. Last year, the film subsidy gave millions … rich Hollywood studio films like " A Very Harold … more

State Subsidies for Hollywood Dying in Iowa and Drawing Fire In Missouri and Michigan

… second thoughts about film tax incentives. Iowa … Rick Snyder has said that film credits aren’t sustainable … recommended ending its film incentives. The report … Branstad, said the film credit in their state … more

Batman and Superman vs. Taxpayers

Film subsidy costs taxpayers almost $8 each

… year $35 million to film the "Batman vs. Superman" movie to be filmed in Michigan. In … hook for $7.80 for the film. Perhaps taxpayers can … released in 2015. Film subsidies are bad … more

Government Report Shows Film Jobs Stagnant Despite Incentives

State has pledged approximately $400 million from taxpayers for little return

… nation's most lucrative film incentive program, then … result of our aggressive film incentives we are not … one key aspect of the film industry — post production … spokeswoman for the Michigan Film Office, said in an email … more

Riches-to-Rags Story Developing For Movie Operations in Michigan

House budget proposes eliminating state's $50M film subsidy program

If the state’s film subsidy were a movie … proposing to eliminate the film credit completely. Nancy … to vote against the film subsidy. "I think … economic return of using film credits is minuscule … more

Why Film Subsidies Must Go

Independent studies show Hollywood corporate welfare a bust

… column  on Michigan's film incentive program should … a clear conclusion: Film subsidies have to go. Researchers … spectrum agree that film incentives don't create … Foundation says the film incentives "are costly … more

Three Reasons Why Michigan Should End Film Incentives

Results show the investment is not worth it

… would end the state’s film incentive program. The … state should cut the film incentives once and … reasons: 1. No increase in film jobs . According to … Statistics, there are fewer film jobs in the state … more

Michigan Was Right to End Film Incentives

New report backs up legislators

… wrap up the state’s film subsidy program – … than 40 states have film incentive programs, … giving tax dollars for film production. A state … benefits. Proponents say subsidies for filmmaking are good for the … more

Road Funding or Film Subsidies?

… subsidies for out-of-state filmmakers, some Michigan … on funding for the film incentive program. The … Richardville told MIRS. Film subsidies were started … economic analysis of film subsidy and tax credit … more

House Budget Puts Roads Above Film Subsidies

Some Republicans protecting Big Hollywood corporate welfare

… which  would end the Michigan film subsidy program  and … been  big backers  of the film program, even pushing … biggest fans of the film incentive .” “It … Michigan.” The film subsidies are an  inefficient … more

Center Analyst in Free Press on Film Subsidy Failure

… cash in on Michigan’s film subsidy program will … more

So Long Film Subsidies

Other 'economic development' programs should be next

… no longer offer new film productions taxpayer … development considering that film incentives passed with … ineffective for the film industry and should … more

The Scene and the Unseen: Act III

… state of Michigan’s film incentive program is … detail the Michigan Film Office’s use last year of the film incentive’s refundable … report, issued by the Film Office, appears to significantly … more

That's a Wrap! Film Subsidies Terminated

Bill ending program now a law

… phases out Michigan’s film subsidy program. The … prohibits the state film office and the relevant … entering into any new film subsidy agreements or … to have a Michigan Film Office to assist moviemakers … more

Skorup Discusses Hollywood Corporate Welfare

Film subsidy money could be better spent

Film subsidy money could be better spent.


Lone Democrat Votes Against Party Line on Film Subsidies

… House voted to repeal a film producer subsidy program … says: Since 2008 the film subsidy program has … direct cash subsidies to film producers, entirely … more

Frank Beckmann Show Highlights Mackinac Center/Michigan Chamber Poll

66 percent of respondents support redirecting $50 million from films to roads

… support to redirect film subsidies to roads, … $50 million in annual film subsidies to fix the … more

Film Subsidy Failure Draws Attention

WDIV covers story that Michigan Capitol Confidential broke

… a long list of film subsidy failures in … more

Michigan Senate Votes to Remove Sunset Provision Ending Hollywood Subsidies

Bill also removes cap on high-paid actors; now moves to the House

… extend the state's film subsidy program beyond … money used for the film subsidies could better … right now, rather than films, we get much more bang … House. The original film subsidy bill passed … more

Film Subsidy Money Has to Come From Somewhere

Actress's defense a case study for why movie program is an economic failure

… part of the state’s film subsidy program. The … back the Michigan film tax credits, which previously … percent subsidy to select filmmakers. Most of this … your experience like filming the show in Michigan … more

Cost to Replace Lost Jobs with Michigan Film Subsidies: $39.4 Billion

… estimates that Michigan film production tax breaks … During that year the film incentives' net cost … jobs with subsidized film production jobs would … "direct" jobs generated by film production subsidies … more

Taxpayer Funded Films Flop With Viewers

Taxpayer advocate: 'Economic health is not created when people's labor is used to make things nobody wants'

… "Love and Honor" was filmed in Ann Arbor in 2011, … movie was released, the film was more like its original … company $1.6 million in film incentives for $4.1 … office . Entertainment One Films said " Freaky Deaky ," … more

Why Politicians Love Film Subsidies

Sen. Stabenow to appear in Batman v. Superman

… spending $500 million on a film subsidy that pledged … more

House Committee Votes to End Michigan Film Incentives

$500 million spent with no overall increase in jobs

… $50 million per year film incentive program. The … the committee, saying film incentives are a poor … $500 million on the film subsidy program since … overall increase in film jobs in the state. … more

Select Few Benefit from Film Subsidies

While crumbling roads affect everyone

… vs. Superman " being filmed in metro Detroit demonstrates … Dorris, Oakland County film commissioner, provided … get the idea that the film subsidies are a great … economic literature on film subsidy programs, and … more

'Low Winter Sun' Buzz Ignores Taxpayer Subsidies

Media reports overlooked $7.5M state taxpayers paid for TV drama to film here

… the drama series was filmed. "I was intrigued … Low Winter Sun. Filmmakers can get back as … thanks to the Michigan Film Office's film credit. That's … more

Film Subsidy Is Political, not Economic

… committees on Michigan's film subsidy program brought … director of the Michigan Film Office. The letter was … report that claimed the film subsidy program had … as a result of these film projects." This … more

Eight Days, 196 Bills, 12 Constitutional Amendments

Repeal film subsidies, let nurses do more, stalking registry

… Bill 4122 : Repeal film producer subsidies Introduced … Michigan tax dollars to film producers, as of Oct. … million in subsidies to film producers have been … more

Questions Surround Film Subsidy Report

… report from the Michigan Film Office shows that $69 … mostly promotes the film office and "doesn't … Daily. The report says the film industry last year created … University study on the film subsidy program last … more

The GOP Politicians Who Voted Against Ending Film Subsidies

Those voting for more tax credits explain why

… eliminate the state’s film subsidy program. The … vote. Michigan’s film subsidies date back … inspire a home-grown film movie industry to take … number of full-time film jobs here, from 1,663 … more

What Happened in Five Days?

State Rep. Rose Mary Robinson changes her mind on corporate film subsidies

… eliminate Michigan’s film credits. “I know … more

Star Struck: Why States Chase the Film Industry with Subsidies

While economists on the right and the left say they shouldn't

… opportunity to put Michigan’s film subsidy program to rest. … demonstrating that state film subsidy programs are … authored a study on state film subsidies four years … study was that “state film subsidies are costly … more

Film Council Blasts Proposed Subsidy Cut

… reform of the state's film subsidy program, which … 42 percent refund on film spending in Michigan. … March 11, 2011, the Film Office Advisory Council … more about Michigan's film subsidy. more

House Votes to End Film Incentives

… dissented) to start offering film producers tax money … to end the state’s film incentives on a 58-51 vote. Film incentives are ineffective. … are still paying for film production. I was … more

December 5, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Road funding, religious freedom, film subsidies more

… Bill 1103 , Extend film producer subsidies: … subsidy payments to some film productions until 2022 … more

New Film Subsidy Study Doesn't Show Full Picture

… economic benefit from its film subsidy program has … Effects: Flawed Report on Film Incentive Provides Distorted … dollar used to incentify film production is $1 deprived … “actually reported that no film incentive has generated … more

Center Analyst Discusses Film Subsidies

Jarrett Skorup on FOX2 Detroit Sunday.


Michigan Film Subsidy Program Shortcomings

… costs of Michigan's film subsidy program. An … more

LaFaive, Albom on Film Subsidies

… discussion on Michigan’s film subsidy program. Author … shortcomings and failures of film subsidies. A detailed … more

Michigan Film Subsidy Winner Costs 10x More to Make Than It Earns

… advocates of the Michigan film tax incentives said … they had in mind. Filmed in Grand Rapids, the … according to the Michigan Film Office. Had it been filmed in Louisiana, it would … more

Senate Votes to Continue Film Subsidies

Will House put Michigan residents above Hollywood actors?

… provision for the state’s film incentive program, meaning … MIRS News about the film credit program. “These states (with film incentive programs) … to the nature of the film industry, most of the … more

Film Subsidy Amounts Grossly Under-Reported

The amount of film subsidies given away … more

Analysis of Michigan Film Subsidies: Two Years, $117m - and No Film Job Growth

… years since Michigan's film subsidy program became … people employed by the film industry in Michigan … program began. The film subsidy program was … authorized $117 million in film credits, and the Department … more

Michigan Film Subsidies: Two Years, $117 Million and No Film Job Growth

… years since Michigan's film subsidy program became … people employed by the film industry in Michigan … program began. The film subsidy program was … authorized $117 million in film credits, and the Department … more

Michael Moore Appears Ready to Take Film Subsidy for Anti-Subsidy Film

… yesterday reported that filmmaker Michael Moore expects … $1 million in state film subsidies for producing … receive state funds for a film that denounced government … to 42 percent of the filmmaker's total spending … more

Columnist: Film Subsidy Proponents Should Welcome Transparency

… that those who support film subsidies in Michigan … questions surrounding film studio Hangar42 , … legislators have suspended film subsidies. more

Why Film Subsidies Must Go

… Op-Ed why the Michigan film subsidy program needs … policy experts on the film subsidies can be found … more

State Legislators Need All the Facts on Film Subsidies

… discuss the Michigan film incentive program. As … Michigan State University film subsidy "impact" study … Effects: Flawed Report on Film Incentives Provides … especially since this film subsidy program came … more

Students Prepare for Careers in Sagging Michigan Film Industry

… cost of the Michigan film subsidy program continues … the "2010 Creative Film Alliance Summer Institute," … millions of dollars in film subsidies, there are … more

Film Subsidy Program Just 'Good PR'

… Radio that Michigan’s film subsidy program is only … work examining the film subsidy program and … more

Transparency Demanded for Film Subsidy Program

… transparency from the Michigan Film Office in the wake of … that would force the film office to be more … more

Film Industry in Michigan Hits Another Snag

A film studio that has experienced … which shows Michigan film jobs have decreased … more

Want to Grow the Film Industry? Grow the Economy

… has given qualified film productions up to 42 … point to a number of films and projects given … more