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Medicaid: Waivers are Temporary, Expansion is Forever

This study, jointly published by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions, examines whether states can rely on using federally granted “waivers” to avoid some federal rules and regulations in hopes of expanding their Medicaid programs in a more cost-effective manner. It reports that there are three limitations to such a strategy: waivers are temporary, subject to the discretion of federal agencies and vulnerable to judicial review. more

Medicaid Spending

… spent $389 billion on Medicaid in 2010, according to … anticipated Medicaid expansion. Similarly, … Foundation. [*] Medicaid is the largest expense … Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, state and … more


… (Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services), … Rick Snyder: Medicaid expansion ‘makes sense for … (Final Rule on the ‘Medicaid Parity’ provision),” … Kuhmerker, “The Medicaid Expansion: A One-Step Plan … more


… have noted elsewhere, Medicaid comprises nearly one … the proposed Medicaid expansion will have access … unsustainable rate. [72] If Medicaid eligibility is expanded, … subsidies for Medicaid expansion, state policymakers … more

Does Medicaid Boost the Economy?

… additional federal Medicaid funds might create within … finance both existing Medicaid and any Medicaid expansion. For many years, … benefit. [61] Nor would Medicaid expansion bring only new dollars … more

Medicaid and Displacement of Private Insurance

… least some of the new Medicaid enrollees would be those … analysis of past Medicaid expansions to mothers and children … find a high rate of Medicaid substitution for private … target of Medicaid expansion under the ACA. The … more

Lower Medicaid Provider Fees

… physicians willing to treat Medicaid enrollees. [21] On … 2013). Under a Medicaid expansion, the disparity between … fee-for-service state Medicaid program only about half … primary care, Michigan Medicaid fee-for-service pays … more

Effect of the ACA on Michigan Medicaid Enrollment and Cost Sharing

… suggested above, the Medicaid expansion envisioned under … 65. [*] Thus, while Medicaid does provide significant … ACA’s proposed Medicaid expansion is the nonelderly … more

Introduction: The Medicaid Choice

… denied federal matching Medicaid funds to states that … discussion of the Medicaid expansion must involve costs, … chose not to extend Medicaid eligibility to people … the proposed Medicaid expansion is technically cut … more

Executive Summary

… expand the state’s Medicaid program to cover people … proposed state Medicaid expansion, the number of potential … eligible for federal Medicaid subsidies under the … for Medicaid under an expansion. The size of … more