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Free Enterprise

Please Join Sylvie Légère, President and Co-Founder of The Policy Circle, and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy for a Policy Circle Conversation to discuss Free Enterprise.


Local Control or Too Much Control? Balancing the Rights of Citizens and State and Local Governments

What’s the right balance between local, state and federal control? What about the rights of citizens — should these vary widely based on where one chooses to live? This panel will feature a lawmaker, policy expert and local government advocate to talk about what is happening in Michigan and across the nation on these issues.

Let Them Work: Michigan Should Reciprocate All Occupational Licenses

Michigan should make it easy for people who have obtained occupational licenses in other states to work legally here.

Road Work: Should State Prioritize ‘Horse Boobs’ or Highways?

The state would be better off sticking to funding roads rather than subsidizing film festivals, orchestras and garden poetry readings.

“Free” Community College: Still Not a Very Sound Idea

Gov. Whitmer wants government to give students a free community college education. The idea will cost at least $292.5 million per year and accomplish little.

There is Waste in Michigan’s Budget

Not all of it can be cut immediately, but some can redirected to roads now

Not all of it can be cut immediately, but some can redirected to roads now