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No Accountability? 30 Percent of Detroit's Charter Schools Have Closed

22 charters have shuttered since 1994

… introduced public charter schools to the state of Michigan. … each year students spend in Detroit charter schools, … the taxpayer-funded schools otherwise known as "public school academies" have been … more

'Learning In Progress' on Legislative Roads Proposals

How to make Senate’s tax cut trigger the real deal

… away from the GF (to school funding, for example). … dodge the tax (and spending) cuts the Senate s … more

Mia's Story Shows Private Schools Can Help When Other Schools Have Failed

… to Utica Community Schools, became so frustrated. … requests, Liz says Utica schools failed to give Mia … years in elementary school, school officials made Mia feel … more

Frustrated With Public School, Parents of Student With Special Needs Find Help at Private School

Michigan law limits school choice

… laws require public schools to accommodate students … 35 students, she was spending 45 percent of her … their child from public schools altogether. "We … before you re able to spend them, and then getting … more

Union President Attacks School Board While They Pay Her Not to Teach

Ann Arbor teachers union president gets full-time release, mostly paid for by taxpayers

While Ann Arbor Public Schools teachers union president … release, which means he spends half his time as an … superintendent and school board were trying to … tabulated, the district spends about $250,000 to pay … more

There is Plenty of Money in the Budget for Roads

It’s all about legislative priorities

… education through the School Aid Fund. But it also … argument and assumes new spending for roads can only … instance, the state spends over $13 billion on … increasing other government spending. That is money which … more

Study: They Spend Millions, but Minimal Transparency Required for Government Union Finances

… from government and school employees, but if members … just three aggregated spending figures. Unlike … Michigan's other large school employee union, the … expenses. None of the union spending lumped together in … more

Public Sector Unions Vague About How They Spend Dues Money

Many members have trouble finding out financial details

… means government and school unions are allowed to … public sector unions spend dues money, details … Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, has exercised her … unions' local branches spend money even very large … more

The Real-World Costs of Union Release Time

Proposed law would require public workers to work for the public

… by teachers or other school district employees to … allows union stewards to spend time working for a private … president in Livonia Public Schools earns a full salary … allowing employees to spend time working on union … more

School District's 'Comparatively Low' Administrative Costs Not Really That Low

… Warren Consolidated Schools, testified in a legislative … employees for time they spend on the job conducting … bill would prohibit government and school employee union contracts … take that money and spend it on hiring more staff, … more

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