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Some Michigan Universities Spend Huge Money Subsidizing Sports

Eastern, Western transfer tens of millions from general fund to athletics

… scholarship athletes. School leaders, however, don t … and taxpayer-supported spending hasn t shown up … 219th at $263,345. Both schools transfer profits from … more

How Two Similar School Districts Get Such Different Results

Study suggests funding levels have little impact on student growth

… surface, DeWitt Public Schools just north of Lansing … show the two districts spending nearly the exact … Edwardsburg Public Schools on the Indiana border … the state s lowest-spending districts. Edwardsburg … more

Panic Over: Number of School Districts in Deficit Plummets

Districts are getting overspending under control

… number of Michigan school districts expected to … March report on deficit spending. Three of them are … finish the current school year with a budget deficit … justify patterns of overspending that hurt students … more

After 10 Years of Deficits, How One District Escaped Being Dissolved

Ecorse learned from the mistakes of other schools

… years, Ecorse Public Schools was a poster child … dissolved after years of spending more than it took … ineffective oversight of school finances by the Michigan … do enough to bring spending in line with revenues. Parker … more

Clock Ticking on School Adequacy Study

Bipartisan tax hike deal called for study

A public school-funding adequacy … how much it should spend on public schools was the product of … all concluded that spending should be increased. The … more

Four Questions About the Detroit Public Schools Plan

Legislators should be skeptical of the Detroit Education Commission

… rescue Detroit Public Schools financially. Among … stringent limits on deficit spending by DPS. 2. Why … end of the current school year, which is considered … the district s overspending while knowing the … more

Teachers Union Spends Little of Its Funds on Bargaining

MEA spends only 10 percent of funds on 'representational activities'

… a growing number of school employees from having … that aspect of their spending in 2005. The … 2013, the MEA and some school districts extended collective … for Public Policy. Spending shows priority. The … more

Why Can't Detroit Go to all Charter Schools Like New Orleans?

It took a hurricane, but New Orleans has improved academically

… New Orleans public schools. "This is a tough … to its inability to spend less money than it takes … into an all-charter school system. Duncan … area. Detroit Public Schools had the worst academic … more

Charter Schools Are Not to Blame for Pension Woes

The way to catch up on underfunding is not to rope more people in

… example than the public school employee pension system. … average unless you spend the average. Although … system, namely charter school employees. State … the shift to charter schools in Michigan is responsible … more

Federal Funding Favors Poorer School Districts Like Detroit

Schools get money from different pots

While Detroit Public Schools and 15 of its schools now under a form of … local school taxes and spending before the current … money sent to Michigan schools in the largest grant … more

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City government charged Nancy Wilson with a crime for not getting her historic home painted fast enough. "Their methodology is to beat you into submission and it's not right."

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