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Six Numbers Showing Detroit’s Pension Problems

Retiree costs are still crowding out services

… level, and in the public schools, pension costs are … with the money it will spend on its pension bankruptcy … more

No Easy Answers in Highland Park

Students continue to flee troubled district

… after the distressed school district was taken over … today receives and spends less than $11,000 … district s only high school, the newly named Highland Park Public School Academy System struggles … more

Michigan School Funding At Record High

But pension expenses rising even faster

… Michigan s public schools will reach record levels in the coming school year. The school … it s not just about spending money; it s also … that the state is also spending money on other education-related … more

Private Schools Could Save Michigan $750 Million a Year

… educational choices through Schools of Choice, public charter schools, online academies and … state does not have to spend. Last year alone, the … reduced government spending by at least $750 … more

State Government Up to Its Eyeballs in Pension Debt

… nonetheless. The state-run school pension system is largest … constitutionally prohibited from spending more than it takes … teachers and other school employees $67.7 billion … in state and local school taxes goes to fill this … more

Michigan Adequacy Study Shows the State Already Spends Plenty on Education

New study provides few clear-cut answers

… different states school finance systems all … biggest backers of spending more on schools, reading the report … the report s high-spending outliers, the per … more

Here's What the NY Times Got Wrong On Detroit Public Schools

Grab a cup of coffee, this will take a while

… the city's charter schools in the worst possible … performance, and suspend an authorizer. Since … cause of Detroit Public Schools' collapse. The … years DPS continued to spend more than it took in … more

One Brighton Area Schools Administrator in Line for $58,000 Increase in Pay

Top administrator takes on third job title

… publication. A top Brighton Area Schools administrator is slated … $180,000 when we could spend the money on our kids … criticism from two school board members. The Brighton Area Schools Board of Education … more

More School Spending is Still Unlikely to Boost Achievement

A response to a critique of ‘School Spending and Student Achievement in Michigan: What’s the Relationship’

… relationship between school spending and academic achievement, … case that Michigan school districts today are … relationship between spending per pupil and student … more

School Budgets Stressed Alright — But Not From Mythical State ‘Cuts’

Watch the skyrocketing pension expenses

… story about public school districts that overspent … examined Utica Community Schools, with a focus on spending cuts made by the … a district that is spending more money despite … more

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Many people believe public schools need more money until they hear how much the schools spend each year per pupil.

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