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A $4.6 Billion Transit Millage Is a Tax Too Far for Detroit

Time to question the benefits of the Regional Transit Authority

… surrounding its $4.6 billion millage request on November’s … more

Higher Taxes Would Offer Little for Ottawa Schools

Millage money more fairly shared, but promises little results

… regional enhancement millage to this November’s ballot. Millages are taxes assessed … ballot. This type of millage has been available … regional enhancement millage in fall 2016, and Kent … more

School Districts Spend Tens of Thousands On Losing Millage Requests

Districts across the state choose to hold funding requests during low turnout elections

… districts as voters passed millage, bond and sinking fund … also: Local Millages Coverage Legislators … more

School District May Have Crossed Legal Line in Tax Request

Pinckney Superintendent's email on millage renewal raises questions

… renew” a multi-million millage raises questions whether … 6-year Non-Homestead Millage of 18 Mils.” The six-year millage passed last night and … more

Lansing to study millage

… voters to approve a new millage in 2011 to pay for … $386 million school millage proposal, but approved … " Lansing School District looks at millage ," Feb. 19, 2010 FURTHER … more

District's Millage Urgency Claims Don't Match Facts

Alcona Community Schools official says money needed to stop flow of huge staff cuts

… support for an upcoming millage, Alcona Community Schools … with the headline: “ Millage needs to pass for Alcona … regional enhancement millage that would raise … more

Make-or-break millage in Saugatuck

… is a make-or-break millage renewal, according … because she assumed the millage renewal would pass. … campaign to pass the millage in August, The Sentinel … to overturn historic millage veto ," July 23, 2009 FURTHER … more

Millage results vary by region

… down several school millage requests Tuesday, while … and Bath all approved millage requests, while Charlotte … more

Michigan’s Highest Taxpayers Could Soon Pay More

New op-ed questions value of proposed RTA and Wayne RESA millages

New op-ed questions value of proposed RTA and Wayne RESA millages


Most school millages defeated

… COUNTY, Mich. — School millages fared poorly in voting … exceptions, each passing two millages, MIRS reported. Voters … Local Officials, Local Millages Pass, School Proposals … more