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Paul Kersey Discusses New Labor Proposal

"This is about protecting government employee unions." more

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SEIU Dues Skim Explained

Jack Spencer discusses illegal unionization. more

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Center Analysts Discuss Emergency Manager Law

LaFaive, Kersey interviewed regarding ballot initiative. more

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Center Analyst Discusses Gas Taxes

GOP legislators pushing bills to ramp up gas, vehicle taxes. more

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Center Analyst Discusses Gas Tax

Michigan headed for highest fuel tax in the country? more

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MCLF Attorney Discusses U-M Case

Students being denied due process in unionization fight. more

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Kersey Talks RTW on Beckmann

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Jack McHugh Lists 2011 Accomplishments

Review of 2011; where to for 2012 more

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Hohman Discusses Volt Subsidies on Dobbs Show

Most government-subsidized car since the Trabant? more

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Kersey Discusses Right-to-Work

Protection should be extended to all workers, not just teachers. more

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