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Races are Won at the Finish Line

Come Up The Long Way

By The Numbers: Occupational Licensing

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Spotlight: Gary Wozniak

Welcome New Staff Members to Our Team

IMPACT November/December 2018

IMPACT September/October 2018

“Giving Back Involves a Certain Amount of Giving Up”

This spring I was fortunate enough to begin the interview process for a coveted internship at the Mackinac Center. more

By the Numbers

Criminal Justice

Interview with a Supporter: J. C. Huizenga

Making Waves with the Mackinac Center

Our Legacy Society is Growing

David K. Felbeck

Introducing David Guenthner

Making an Impact Close to Home

IMPACT July/August 2018

A Fond Farewell

Can a Scorecard Change an Issue?

Hopping for Liberty

Michigan's Labor Revolution

The Perfect Time to Panic