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The Tax Hike Governor Vetoes Additional Road Funding

While Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made Michigan’s roads the centerpiece of her election campaign, her veto of extra money for road repair shows that her most important priority is to increase how much state government taxes Michigan residents.

Vaping Ban is Bad for Health, Good for Smugglers

The new ban on flavored vaping products is harmful to public health and respect for law.

State Should Enact Budget, Debate Road Funding Another Day

Even if the governor and lawmakers can’t agree on whether to raise the gas tax, that’s no reason to shut down state government.

Local Governments Must Confront Billions in Pension Debt

Most local governments in Michigan need to shore up the pension systems they have for their retirees.

Career and Technical Education Reform Needs More Than Money

Current programs don’t meet labor market needs

Employers should have a larger role in shaping career and technical education programs.

How to Prioritize the Budget to Spend $1 Billion More on the Roads in a Single Year

Lawmakers who want to spend more taxpayer money on roads can find another extra $1 billion by using these 13 suggestions.

Attack on Schools of Choice Unfounded

The state’s Schools of Choice program does not merit the attacks it recently received on a national scale.

Minimum Wage Laws Hurt People

A bill in Congress to increase the national minimum wage would harm young and inexperienced workers who need on-the-job experience.

Green Jobs: More Jobs, Less Efficiency

A recent report significantly overstates the number of jobs that renewable energy sources provide.

Give More Power to Parents of Special-Needs Learners

Michigan should give parents of special needs students more say over their children’s education.

Growth Fuels Budget Priorities in House and Senate Budgets

The three competing proposals for the next state budget direct more money to the roads and cut money for corporate welfare.

Report for Schools Changes, but the Goal of Recognizing Excellence Remains

Michigan improved its school-grading system last year by giving parents more detailed information, but it could still be better.

If You Seek a Pleasant Road Funding Plan, Look About You

Michigan has almost doubled its spending on roads since 2010, but it will take a while for the changes to show up.

New Auto Insurance Law Will Benefit Michigan Drivers

State lawmakers and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivered on a long-needed fix to fix Michigan’s auto insurance laws, which made auto insurance here more expensive than anywhere else in the country.

Let Them Work: Michigan Should Reciprocate All Occupational Licenses

Michigan should make it easy for people who have obtained occupational licenses in other states to work legally here.

Road Work: Should State Prioritize ‘Horse Boobs’ or Highways?

The state would be better off sticking to funding roads rather than subsidizing film festivals, orchestras and garden poetry readings.

“Free” Community College: Still Not a Very Sound Idea

Gov. Whitmer wants government to give students a free community college education. The idea will cost at least $292.5 million per year and accomplish little.

Gas Tax Hike of 45 Cents May Kill More than 22,500 Private Sector Jobs

Increasing the gas tax by 45 cents per gallon could raise $2.5 billion, but it would also cost 22,500 jobs in the private sector. Spending that money on roads and cutting other areas of state government spending by the same amount could create 24,000 jobs.

Sound Policy in a Time of Divided Government

Criminal justice, government transparency and occupational licensing are just three areas ripe for reform.

More Money for Preschool Not the Answer

Proposal to boost Great Start funding doesn’t add up

Too few young schoolchildren know how to read and write at grade level. Spending more money on preschool won’t fix that problem.