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Donor-Advised Funds: Are They For You?

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Learning to be Flexible

An Ordinary American Couple

The InternNet

Why I Chose Policy Over Politics

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Eyes on the Prize

What’s Happening in Lansing

SWAT Teams Need More Transparency

Welcome to the Mackinac Center!

Free Speech Under Fire

Securing the Future

IMPACT September/October 2017

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Women in Philanthropy

By the Numbers

Fossil fuels

Taxing Tourists at Sleeping Bear Dunes

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Event Shows Value of Community Policing

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Two Good Reasons to Stop Licensing

Two Right-to-Work States in One Month

Creating the Future for 30 Years

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The Two-Goal Lead and Championship Teams

By the Numbers


By the Numbers

Taylor teachers

Risk and Reward

Seeing a Need and Filling It

Final Victory for the Taylor Teachers?

Cigarette Smuggling Study Released

IMPACT January/February 2017

By the Numbers: Dental therapy

Conflict and Consensus

Ways to Give to the Mackinac Center

Mackinac in the News

Experts Offer Hope for Pension Fix

People Are Not Competitive

IMPACT November/December 2016