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"Comparable Worth" vs. Supply and Demand

What is "comparable worth? What is its purpose, how frequently is it used, and what are some advantages and disadvantages? more

Germany and the Great Depression

Why did Germany suffer so badly from the Great Depression? more

Private Property, "Overfishing," and "Market Failure"

What do you say to arguments about overfishing in the Great Lakes and oceans? Isn't this a clear example of what Keynesians might call market failure, with huge, greedy companies "free" to catch all the fish while driving smaller fishermen out of business and depleting our natural resources? more

Currency and Inflation

Could governments simply fight inflation by destroying (shredding, burning, melting) their currency? Why don't they? more

Bond Prices and Interest Rates

How do bonds work? Why do bond prices rise as interest rates fall, and vice versa? more

Central Banks and Interest Rates

What is the significance of interest rates? What happens when the Federal Reserve fiddles with them? Who is affected and how when the rates are raised? more

Laissez Faire and Economic Growth

What is "laissez-faire" and why is it considered to be best for economic growth? more

Greenspan and Gold

Was there some value in the gold standard that has been lost, and would there be any merit in re-establishing it in some way? more

The Appeal of Socialism

Most economists now seem to agree that socialism as an economic theory is seriously flawed. So how do you explain the continuing embrace, by both major American political parties, of some form of socialism? more

Does the President Run the Economy?