A Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism

For decades after the end of the "Great War," communism was on the march. Bolshevik Russia expanded its territory into large segments of Eastern Europe, Chairman Mao took China, and one-party rule dominated in much of Asia, Latin America and Africa. Cuba, a close U.S. ally merely 100 miles from Florida, launched a communist dictatorship that is now nearly six decades old. And while never fully embracing Marxism, even governments in Western Europe and the United States began taking ownership over large parts of the private economy. Among intellectuals, communism was en vogue, as was its stepsister socialism and "democratic socialism."

Then things reversed. The Soviet Union collapsed and with it many of its satellite countries broke free. China began liberalizing its economy. The debate over economic supremacy between communist North Korea and capitalist South Korea was hardly a discussion. But just when the debate between economic freedom and stringent state control seemed over, there has been a sudden surge in affection for socialism. Candidates running on far left-wing ideas have attracted shocking levels of support in America and abroad. And the Millennial generation is much more favorable to socialist ideas than previous generations.

Dr. Paul Kengor will talk about the forgotten history and legacy of communism and socialism and what can be done to address their influence today.

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