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Research Links

US Government Sites

The Continuing Threat from Weapons of Mass Destruction -CIA

GAO Report

Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs

Central Intelligence Agency

U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Federal Budget

Defense Technical Information Center

U.S. Congress

U.S. Department of Energy 

National Security Agency

Nuclear Weapon Systems Sustainment Programs

Chemical Weapons Convention Homepage 

U.S. Code: Title 50

U.S. Department of State


Other Related Links

Chemical and Biological Warfare -Harvard

Committee on International Security and Arms Control   

Center for Nonproliferation Studies WMD page

FreeSpeaker.org Spring Study on Economics of Foreign Policy

United Nations

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Cost Study

Weapons of Mass Destruction -UN

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Arms Control - National Center for Policy Analysis

Terrorism & Nuclear Proliferation -National Center for Policy Analysis

Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

BASIC Publications

Nuclear Facts and Figures

Weapons of Mass Destruction -Intelligence Threat Assessments

2000 NPT Conference Review

Beyond the Nuclear Bargain Extending the Non-Proliferation Treaty

National Resources Defense Council

Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction

Explaining Weapons Proliferation -USAF Institute for National Security Studies

National Missile Defense: Is There Another Way? -ForeignPolicy.com

Powell testimony on Foreign Policy

Defense - Tech Central

Nuclear Weapons Production Complex: Environmental Compliance and Waste Management

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy and Iraq

Chemical & Biological Arms Control

21st Century War  

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons 

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The Chemical and Biological Warfare Project  

PhRMA Scientific and Regulatory Affairs 

Foreign Policy Studies- Brookings

Foreign Policy in Focus - Military

Nat'l Academy Press - Future of Nuclear Weapons Policy

Cato Foreign Policy Briefing Series

Cato Institute Foreign Policy Studies

United States Foreign Policy

International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation

Himal Magazine, July 1998

Strategic Assessment 1995


Think Tank Links

Acton Institute

American Enterprise Institute

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

The Brookings Institution

Carnegie Endowment - Non-Proliferation Project

Cascade Policy Institute


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Electronic Policy Network

Foreign Policy in Focus

The Foundation for Economic Education

The Fraser Institute - Canada


The Heartland Institute

The Hudson Institute

The Institute of Economic Affairs - England

The Independent Institute

Institute for Policy Innovation

Insitute for Science and International Security

Lawyers Alliance for World Security

Ludwig von Mises Institute

The National Center for Public Policy Research

National Bureau of Economic Research

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Taxpayers Union

The Nuclear Control Institute

Nuclear Files

Political Economy Research Center


Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council 

Reason Online


Town Hall

The Urban Institute

Hoover Institution

Foreign Policy Association

American Foreign Policy Council

Council On Foreign Relations

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis

Center for Defense Information

The Henry L. Stimson Center Web Site

Federation of American Scientists 

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Economic Policy Institute

The Manhattan Institute for Public Policy

The Nautilus Institute

Discovery Institute

The Century Foundation

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