Resolved: That the United States should substantially change its federal agricultural policy.

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Research Links

US Government Sites

Phone Numbers at the USDA

FedStats Homepage

USDA-NASS Agricultural Statistics 2000

Summaries of the titles in the '96 Farm Bill

1996 Farm Bill Homepage

Farm Service Agency, part of USDA

BLM Phone Directory

U.S. Code: Title 7

Office of Budget and Program Analysis - USDA

United States Department of Agriculture

The Bureau of Land Management

Food and Drug Administration

Environmental Protection Agency

Controlled Substances Act

US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry

US House Committee on Agriculture

The US General Accounting Office

Non-Government Sites

Many related articles -NCPA

Global Food Quarterly

Cato Handbook for Congress, 31

Genetically Modified Food


Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful?

True Food Network Shopping List (GMO Facts)

Genetically Engineered Foods:  A Serious Health Hazard

New Scientist

The Socio-Political Impact of Biotechnology in Developing Countries

Genetically engineered food Safety Problems

Engineering Crops in a Needy World

Genetically Manipulated Food

Genetically Engineered Food

GM Food - SIRC

The American Agricultural Economics Association

The Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A & M Univ

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Rural Policy Research Institute

Eye on Government

Pfizer Forum

Think Tank Links

Acton Institute



The Agricultural Policy Analysis Center

The Alliance for Better Foods

American Council on Science and Health

American Enterprise Institute

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

The Brookings Institute

Buckeye Institute

Cascade Policy Institute


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Center for Defense Information

The Center for Food and Agricultural Research

The Center for Food Safety

Center for Private Conservation

Chicago CHARGE Debate

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Corporate Watch

Council for Biotechnology Information


Economic Policy Institute

Economically Viable Alternative Green

Electronic Policy Network

Federation of American Scientists

The Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute

Food Biotechnology Communications Network

The Foundation for Economic Education

The Fraser Institute - Canada


Genetically Modified Food UK and World News

The Heartland Institute

The Henry L. Stimson Center Web Site

Hoover Institution

The Hudson Institute

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

The Institute of Economic Affairs - England

The Independent Institute

Institute for Policy Innovation

International Food Information Council Foundation

Ludwig von Mises Institute

The Manhattan Institute for Public Policy

The National Center for Public Policy Research

National Bureau of Economic Research

The National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Taxpayers Union

National Wilderness Institute

Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy

Political Economy Research Center


Public Policy Institute of California


Reason Online

Town Hall

The Urban Institute

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