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Assimilation, American Style

(Basic Books, 1997)

by Peter Salins

[The following endorsements are from the Manhattan Institute web site. See link at bottom of page for more information.}

"Peter Salins makes a powerful case in Assimilation, American Style that assimilation in the United States has saved us from the ethnic and religious wards of Europe and elsewhere. He urges bringing back the concept of the melting pot, which does not, in his opinion, require the immigrant to lose his or her cultural identity. He makes for a persuasive, interesting, and provocative discussion."  - Edward I. Koch, former Mayor of New York City

"Thanks to assimilation, says Peter Salins, the making of America is the making of Americans. He throws down a gauntlet to strident multiculturalists hostile to the Americanization process, and another to resurgent xenophobes who limn a specter of America defiled by lesser ethnic groups. The melting pot-assimilation at its ultimate- is at full boil, as proved by high and rising intermarriage rates that confound the significance of ancestry. Salins argues convincingly that the ethnically blended Americans of the twenty-first century will lead our nation to new heights, if they are not distracted by appeals to ethnocentricity."    -  Louis Winnick, Vice Chairman, Institute of Public Administration

"At long last- an intelligent, brutally honest, and unqualified articulation of the need for blacks and other racial minorities to reject cultural separatism, ethnic pluralism, and physical isolation in America. Salins dares to argue, with history and the future on his side, that it is un-American for minorities not to relentlessly pursue integration with whites- or for newcomers to delay their assimilation through such ethnic-building programs as bilingual education and multiculturalism. Embracing intermarriage as a way of forging a less color-conscious society, and resuscitating the melting pot as the main route to a unified nation, Salins's work will undoubtedly earn him scathing criticism from America's ethnic puritans on both the Left and the Right."

- Michael Meyers, Executive Director, New York Civil Rights Coalition

"Americans who are anxious about whether today's immigrants will become the Americans of tomorrow should read Peter Salins's book, Assimilation, American Style. He provides much needed perspective to the current debate, avoiding the hysteria of the xenophobes and the wishful thinking of the multiculturalists. His book deserves to be read by those who truly want to understand our immigrant past and to participate in the present deliberation over immigration policy."   
  - Linda Chavez, President, Center for Equal Opportunity, and author of Out of the Barrio: Toward a New Politics of Hispanic Assimilation


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