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Dr. Charles Van Eaton

Charles D. Van Eaton was a widely published economist who chaired the Economics Department at Hillsdale College.

From Dr. Charles Van Eaton

Privatization: A Cure for What Ails Detroit's Emergency Medical Services?

Privatization of Detroit's sluggish Emergency Medical Services system could save not only dollars, but also precious lives. … more

Child Foster Care in Michigan: A Privatization Success Story

Few issues are more emotional and controversial than how states care for children who are removed from families because of neglect, abuse or abandonment. This extensively documented report finds that it is less costly to place children in foster care supervised by private agencies than for this service to be provided by Michigan's Department of Social Services. Privatization of this important social service serves as a model for other states. 16 pages. … more

Mixing Government and Garbage

A Michigan House Republican Task Force on Recycling and Waste Reduction proposes a series of interventionist solutions to problems that would not exist if the state weren't already deeply involved in managing solid waste. … more

Managing the Michigan Solid Waste Stream: Markets or Mandates?

This comprehensive, Michigan specific review of the economics and politics of solid waste management analyzes recycling, incineration, landfilling, and composting. Michigan should manage its solid waste stream by relying upon market mechanisms and avoiding imposing statewide mandates. Includes an analysis of solid waste legislation and certain local government waste management initiatives. 98 pages. … more

New Economic Climate Requires New Responses from Auto Makers

A change in the tax code in favor of savings over consumer spending has hit the U.S. auto industry hard, especially since the economics of the situation mean auto makers should lower prices, something they are loathe to consider. … more

Jail Overcrowding in Michigan: A Public Problem With a Private Solution?

Strapped for cash and experiencing soaring costs to maintain over crowded jails, Michigan counties are overdue for privatization. Van Eaton cites substantial cost savings in more than a dozen other states where jail operation and management has been privatized. Michigan state government should allow our 83 counties the freedom to employ this promising option. 26 pages. … more

Cities Which Choose Death

Cities and towns die, many times, as victims of technological advance and failure to adapt to abrupt change. But other times, they die because they refuse to acknowledge the realities of the marketplace and try to impose prosperity through politics. … more