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Evan Carter

Reporter for Michigan Capitol Confidential

Evan Carter is a reporter at Michigan Capitol Confidential, the daily news site of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Carter began working for Capitol Confidential in May 2017 after graduating from Hillsdale College with his Bachelor of Arts in Politics and a minor in Journalism. During his time at Hillsdale, he worked for the student newspaper all four years, three of which he served as Web Editor. In addition to working for the student newspaper, Carter spent two summers working for the Detroit News, one summer working for the editorial board and another summer working for the metro desk. His work has been published in the Federalist and Acculturated.

Carter currently resides in Midland, but will always be a Detroiter at heart. When he isn’t working or following the news, you can find him running, catching up on the latest tech news or spending time with his friends.

From Evan Carter

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A Lot Fewer Detroit Public Schools Teachers Rated 'Highly Effective'

Firm Gets $220,000 State Subsidy Deal, Files For Bankruptcy

Nonprofit Helps Ex-Prisoners Stay Clean

Industrial Wind Farms Bring Political Conflict, Recalls and Lawsuit to Township

Michigan College Lands On Wrong Kind Of Top 10 List

Former State Trooper: Cops, Prosecutors Misuse Problematic Asset Forfeiture Law

Debate Heated On Ending Police Keeping Seized Property With No Conviction

DTE Electricity: Out With Old Coal, In With New Gas

Detroit Would Mandate Video Surveillance, Make Businesses Pay

Stakes High In Special Education Disputes, With Legal Costs To Match

Detroit Fails To Collect 20 Percent of Property Taxes Owed

Bad Forensic Evidence Sends Innocents To Prison

Half-A-Billion Dollars More This Year

Bills Make It Easier For Private Marketing Bureaus To Force Dues on Businesses

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Agencies Have Until Whenever To Fulfill Open Records Law Requests

Detroit School District Still Needs Teachers

Detroit Schools’ Annual Budget Balanced With Emergency Bailout Money

The Highest-Paid Employees in Michigan's State Government

Michigan’s Largest Teachers Union Has Lost 25 Percent of Its Members

State Ends Fiscal Year With Surplus After 12 House Republicans Defeat Tax Cut

No Arrest — But Cops Took And Kept His $2,035 Anyway

Thanksgiving Day: More Than Football and Turkey

Bills Would Ban Keeping Taxpayer Handouts To Corporations Secret

Unions That Say Prevailing Wage Law Protects Retirees Mismanage Worker Pensions

Iron Mountain Schools Draws Flak for Novel Homeschool Co-op

With Income Tax Rejected By Voters, East Lansing Looks at Spending Cuts

City Taxpayers Will Pay Millions For Past Employees’ Benefits

No More ‘Chippewas,’ ‘Eskymos’ or ‘Fighting Scots’? Bill Bans Ethnic Mascots

CEOs of Michigan’s Big Energy Monopolies Get Millions, Customers Get Rate Hikes

Close Coal Plants, Open Gas Plants, DTE Gets 10 Percent Profit Either Way

State of Michigan To Restrict Union ‘Ghost Workers’

Union Labels Nonunion Employees 'Welfare Scabs' With Vulgar Photo on Company Property

Libertarian Scholar Charles Murray Is Shouted Down At U-M Event By Students

MSU Pulls Down Windmill Safety Guidelines After Industry Complains

One In Four Michigan School District Teachers Chronically Absent

Two Standards Of Justice For Sexual Assault Claims

Detroit Charter Schools Outperform District School Peers On State Tests

Best Schools In Michigan Would Vanish If For-Profit Charters Were Banned

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Media Personality, State, Exaggerate Economic Impact of Agriculture Sector

Holland Going Into The Broadband Business

State Police Pay 43 Officers Over $300k Each To Not Retire

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State Troopers Collect $400,000 Plus In Legal Pension Double-dipping Plan

City Income Tax Proposal On November Ballot Sparks Business Revolt

Election Season In Detroit, And Here Comes Another Transit Scheme

State Licensure Mandate Ensnarls Another Hair Braider

Need A License To Shampoo Hair For Pay? Michigan Says ‘Yes’

House Shelves Effort to Provide Charter School Transportation Vouchers

Michigan Bans Direct Tesla Car Sales, But Made Money Trading Its Stock

Questionable Job Claims, Patronage Perks Part of Pistons' Move to Detroit

City Emails: Christian Farmer's Facebook Post Led to Ban From East Lansing Market

Michigan DROPs Big Payouts to Retain State Police Employees

Done: With School Pension Reform, State's Big Pension Liabilities Contained

Government Internet Coming to Traverse City

Michigan is Spending As Much on State Police Pensions as Salaries

Michigan Universities Also Socked by Massively Underfunded School Pensions

Isabella County Closer to Allowing 200 or More Wind Turbines

Lawmakers Take Second Run at Expanding Open Records Law – to Themselves

Medical Pot Bringing $8.8M, 48 New Positions to Michigan State Police

Sheriff Questions Racetrack's $800,000 State Police Subsidy

Top Legislative Leaders Make School Pension Reform Their Top Budget Issue

Conflicted: Unions Call Nonmembers ‘Free Riders,’ But Insist on Representing Them