Patrick Fleenor

Patrick Fleenor holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics from Albion College and George Mason University, respectively. He is currently senior economist with the Tax Foundation and a principal with Fiscal Economics, an economics consulting firm in Washington, D.C. Fleenor is widely regarded as a national expert in excise taxation and cross-border smuggling. On May 7 of this year his Op-Ed, "Cigarette Taxes Are Fueling Organized Crime," appeared in The Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of excise-tax related studies including "How Excise Tax Differentials Affect Interstate Smuggling and Cross-Border Sales of Cigarettes in the United States." Fleenor's wide-ranging research has been cited in publications as diverse as the Economist, New York Times and USA Today. A Michigan native, Fleenor currently resides in Virginia with his wife and three children.