Kathy Hoekstra was a communications specialist with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy from 2008 to 2011. She assisted in the Center's media outreach and did reporting for the Center's Michigan Transparency Project and for Michigan Capitol Confidential.

Prior to joining the Mackinac Center staff, Kathy spent nearly 15 years in broadcast journalism. She was an award-winning news anchor and reporter for radio stations in Port Huron and Saginaw and worked for more than a decade in local television news in the state. In addition to her reporting and anchoring duties, Kathy also produced and hosted a weekly public affairs program that involved in-depth coverage of local and statewide issues.

Kathy graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree in both communications and English. She is also a graduate and Hall of Fame member of the Specs Howard School of Broadcasting, and she has done graduate work at Saginaw Valley State University.

Rose Beats Tarkenton to the Post

NFL and NBA pros battle teaching cons. … more

Shedding Light on Michigan's Administrative State

Tracking interlocal agreements. … more

Time to Hang(ar) It Up

The Hangar42 film studio scandal in Grand Rapids continues to grow. If not for the questions initially raised by the Mackinac Center, this scheme could have very well cost Michigan taxpayers, and worse, done so without their knowledge. … more

Is Silence Golden?

Outgoing Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is wrapping up her eight years in office with a series of ‘final interviews’ with media outlets around the state. And in the waning days of her reign, the governor is finally talking about the forced unionization of Michigan’s home based day care providers. But her comments are contrary to evidence uncovered by Mackinac Center analysts over the past 15 months. … more

GlobalWatt Sells Someone Else’s Solar Panels – on eBay

Just in time to brighten the holidays, GlobalWatt, a Saginaw-based solar panel manufacturer, is selling five solar panels on the popular auction website, eBay. But GlobalWatt did not make the panels. A company in India did. … more

Unity Studios: Whose Unhappy Ending?

It appears likely the starry-eyed promise of Hollywood has left the taxpayers of Allen Park with quite the handful of overpriced real estate. … more

Michigan Court of Appeals Judges – Not on the Same Page?

For more than a year, the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation (MCLF) has been battling the forced unionization of Michigan's home-based day care owners and providers in the state Court of Appeals. Four times, the appeals court rejected the Foundation's case with the legal equivalent of a wave of the hand. … more

'The Star-Spangled Banner': A Key to My Past

A direct descendant of Francis Scott Key on "The Star Spangled Banner." … more

Mandatory Fire Sprinklers – Reigniting or Fizzling Out?

What could have been a ‘burning’ issue for the incoming director of the state Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG) may be all but washed out. That’s after a hearing Tuesday in Lansing before the director of Michigan’s Bureau of Construction Codes, Irvin J. Poke. He heard comments from about three dozen people, most of whom were opposed to making fire sprinkler installation mandatory for new home construction in Michigan. … more

Lawmakers Fail to Answer Questions About Film Subsidy Transparency

A rather blistering May 16 Livingston Daily editorial asked a few simple questions of three state lawmakers about the Michigan Film Incentive and how well it's working. Two of the legislators responded in a guest column Sunday, arguably dodging the real questions raised in the original editorial and putting up a weak defense of the two-year-old subsidy program. … more